Choice of the Dragon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

The Choice of Games business model
Developing the player character with some profiling questions
Interrogating the sexism inherent to the genre
This episode comes to a conclusion.
The player's statistics at game's end, plus an achievement!

Browser version

Initial stats and first character customization question
Deconstructing the sexism inherent in the genre
This choice takes me back to Legend of the Red Dragon, but I never imagined I'd be experiencing it from this end!
Character customization complete -- on with the game!
First challenge
Bossing around lesser monsters to serve your greed
Concluding a chapter -- human diplomacy
An intriguing side-story
The tedium of success
A suspenseful moment of a late-stage storyline
An end-of-game accounting

iPad version

The start of the game

iPhone version

Beginning to generate a character
Putting the crowning touch on a user-generated character.
Not every outcome is brutal or violent -- that is up to the player.
More transparent character-generation
This set-up sounds just like the start of Legend of the Red Dragon -- and come to think of it, it might be! Just from the other end...
Starting stats
The first choice
Advancing in one's dragonly career, and on to new challenges
Some decisions have long-reaching outcomes
You may be an atheist, but this game's world does have gods who may not welcome the competition.
Introducing the season's most eligible bachelor dragons.
A well-earned rest
Finishing statistics