Chop N' Drop Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen.
Keyboard commands
The game itself. Three fighters beat the living hell out of each other.
After each round, all players are evaluated. If you don't do well, the game is over.
Bonus sequence: Defend yourself against bouncing balls (and bouncing heads).
Look, there's Pac-Man in the background.
Take this!
Pressed the "pants-down-key"
Score six hits before the time is up and you receive a time bonus.
In this bonus sequence you have to kick the bombs away before they explode.
Score 50000 points and you earn the black belt.
Entered the Hall Of Fame.
Developer screen

Amiga CD32 version

Attract mode.
I won my first round.
This is one of the bonus games that occur after every two rounds.
It's game over for me.

Amstrad CPC version

Duking it out
White wins
The bonus game - deflect the balls with your shield
Here come the balls

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
Help screen
Lets fight!
Blue is dominating
I won
Game over
The high score table
Time for a bonus game
I got a high score

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The fight begins
A knocked out player sees stars..
The famous 'pants down' shot
After each round, the old wise man proclaims the winner
Between rounds, you must avoid balls with a shield
Here comes the flying kick.
Knocked the red fighter down.
The top 30 scores.
Title Screen (US version)

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Some credits
Main menu
The tutorial is non-interactive and shows the controls to do the different moves.
First level
Knocked out both opponents for a short time
I'm out
Game over
Funny pause screen
Won this time
Instructions for bonus game
Deflecting balls with a shield
Got a high score
Highscore table

PlayStation version

International Karate +
Main Menu
1000 points for the headbutt
100 points bonus for each deflected ball
Kick the bombs away before they explode

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The three way fighting can get a little confusing at times
Between each round you play a game where you have to deflect bouncing balls
You need a very high score to reach the elusive black belt