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Choplifter HD

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Xbox 360

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The only notable feature unique to the PC version of Choplifter HD is its spotty mouse controls. I preferred the precision of an Xbox game pad to my mouse, as the aiming is not only tuned better for it, but circular within the game as well. My mouse aiming was jittery and unreliable, which made hairy situations impossible. With a controller, Choplifter HD is an ace experience for bite-sized sessions and marathons alike. The goofy sense of humor, varied missions, and simple yet evolving gameplay style is a winning combination. It doesn't hold the gripping, satisfying appeal of Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, or Super Meat Boy, but Choplifter HD is a great distraction from your usual addictions.
Xbox 360UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
Choplifter HD is worth your $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points, if only because it shows how developers can have their feet firmly planted in both nostalgia and progress.
Xbox 360Destructoid
If you are no stranger to the type of punishment you remember from playing arcade games in the '80s, Choplifter HD is definitely worth checking out. This is game that doesn't mess around, and doesn't allow you to mess around either. I only wish it would have allowed you to mess around just a little bit more without mutilating your psyche in the process.
Xbox (UK)
It's hardly an arcade classic, in other words, but if you're after nothing more than a friendly and frantic fifteen minutes of action every now and then, Choplifter HD just came to the rescue.
Xbox 360PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Choplifter HD weet een mooi laagje vernis te leggen over een stokoude klassieker, maar een gebrek aan afwisseling zorgt ervoor dat de verveling iets te snel toeslaat bij deze toch wat te prijzige remake.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Choplifter HD klingt vom Prinzip her eigentlich super. Simples 2D-Ballern mit fetten Explosionen, coolen Sprüchen und Zombies, das klingt nach trashigem Spaß, da lasse ich mich gerne drauf ein. Leider sind die Explosionen nicht fett, die Sprüche nicht flott und das Spielprinzip nicht super. Hardcore-Highscorejäger mögen an dem Spiel gefallen finden, mich persönlich nerven die Design-Macken, der unfaire Schwierigkeitsgrad und die doofe KI. Da spiele ich lieber ein paar Runden das deutlich coolere Renegade Ops.
Xbox 360Canadian Online Gamers Network
Choplifter HD for the XBLA does a lot of things right. It pays homage to the original game, adds some new (albeit minor) elements and it is delightfully cheesy. Unfortunately, one key factor that brings Choplifter HD back down to earth with a thud is the price. Not to mention, the game does become incredibly repetitive at times. If Choplifter HD was a $5 dollar game on my iPad, I would feel like I am getting full value for my dollar. But for $15 dollars, I am left wanting something a little more.
WindowsCheat Happens
We live in a society where bigger is always better -- where more is always the answer. Choplifter HD is the perfect example of why's okay to be simple. The developers took a long established (though admittedly forgotten) formula and added modern flash and mechanics to create a sloppy, boring mess. It's fun for about an hour, then you should start searching out for the ROMs of the original.
Xbox 360TeamXbox
Somehow the simple mission style, sharp cheddar-y dialog and voice work, upgrade-unlock-chase (that is in every game these days), and straight-forward controls do add up to having some real charm. While it isn't going to set your world on fire, it is a good solid “ten minutes to burn” title. I don't know that the full price of 1200 Spacebucks is the right price for this one, but 400 seems too low (what ever happened to most XBLA titles being 800 points?). So if you fondly remember playing Choplifter from Apple II, Gameboy, or the arcade, give this a look. Otherwise, the heavy retro stylings might leave you feeling flat
Well, I have to get going, but it was sure great to see you! I wish you nothing but success now that you're back in town. Oh, if I can offer one last bit of parting advice: charging $15 at the door is a little much considering you don't have any multiplayer modes. No, leaderboards don't count -- but they don't hurt either. But yeah, I'll let all my friends know that you're a lot of fun, even when you're being kind of a dick.
Xbox 360GameSpot
A considerable portion of Choplifter HD's content is diminished by a series of unfair moments that crop up too often to be tolerable. The decent length of its mission catalog is hamstrung by its misunderstanding of uneven difficulty versus genuine challenge, and when it's too easy, it's too dull. Choplifter HD does occasionally get your rotors spinning, especially for fans of the original, but balancing issues and uninspired missions conspire to make it a mediocre experience overall.