Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Game options
Character profile creation
Escaping Menekot and his men
On your way to Alexandria
Chelsea, the game protagonist
Landing in Alexandria
The marketplace is as good place to start your search as any
Moulay seems to be having problems with plumbing
Chelsea's diary
Checking the water source
Clicking randomly will pause the game for a short time
Valve puzzle
Muezzin can tell you a lot about the city
Looking for missing checkers
Playing the game of checkers
Found the pieces of an old gate
Assembling the old gate entrance
The gardens
Talking to Sile, Muezzin's daughter
Cleaning a dirty mirror
Looking for differences in a reflection
Found an old necklace with strange powers
Waking up as the queen of Sheba
Africa, 900 B.C.
History of the kingdom of Sheba
Talking to Nahas, your loyal servant
Exploring the palace
Hidden object you need is one among all those relics
Samia is pretending to be the mother of your baby to save you from the wrath of aristocrats
Hidden items by the pool
Dialogue history
Searching through scattered objects on the stairs
Rotating crystal to make seamless reflection
Looking for various animals
The throne room
Mengesh is one of the aristocrats planning your death
Assembling the broken tiles
Searching for missing items on a mural
A game of memory
Shoot at the eagle to get its feather
On the balcony
Play the harp to soothe the baby
The potion needs ingredients in the right order
Looking for differences in the water reflection
Looking for some tools
Trimming the branches
Shuffle the mural fragments to assemble the picture
Exploring the catacombs
Face off with Menekot