Chrono Trigger Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Intro movie scene.
Title screen.
Game settings, it has more options like the game mode, toggle the movies on/off and the classic battle mode from SNES.
You can rename your character.
Crono is waking up.
World map.
Ouch, Crono crashes against Marle.
Crono is drinking in the drink contest in Leene Square fair..
Killing some monsters at Guardia Forest.
Status screen.
Crono is confused.

SNES version

Title screen
Intro trailer - land in the clouds
Intro trailer - what's this big thing?
Intro trailer - bad guy's castle
Intro trailer - surrounded by enemies
Intro trailer - grim future
Intro trailer - mode 7 racing
Intro trailer - using a double tech
Choosing battle modes
Naming Crono
Crono's room
In the forest
Fighting some nasty mushrooms
Lucca's house
Millenial Fair
Meeting Marle
Buying things
Map - 1000 AD, present
Lucca's newest invention
Time travel!?
Map - ? AD
Fighting some weird creatures in a devastated laboratory
The grim future...
Using a time machine
Prehistoric age
Ice age
Ocean Palace, build by an advanced civilization in 12000 AD
End of Time