Chronos Twin Screenshots

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Nintendo DS version

The title screen.
A scene from the game's intro. Some of the cells are presented in the faux-DBZ-vision.
An alien arrives, and from the looks of it he ain't friendly - burn it with fire!
Other intro cells are straight-up scanned-in notepad doodles.
The intro stage. You can't get killed here, and only one of the screens shows gameplay.
The first level of the game is strangely visually reminiscent of the Amiga classic Turrican.
Rock formations straight out of prog-rock album covers!
Foreshadowing of things to come - this is your first push-block.
Encountering some of the first enemies. At first they are nice enough to only attack on one screen at a time.
What am I standing on?
Returning to base to get a weapon powerup. The anime-esque dude looks decidedly out of place in this world of alien creatures.
Trying out my new weapon - the charge-beam!
Continuing my mission - this gate looks like there might be something significant past it.
YES! It's the first boss!
Aaaand.. boss is dead.
Next level - caves!
This is where things get progressively more brutal. When enemies start attacking on both screens, the game becomes exponentially more difficult.
Up next - a forced-scrolling stage through some mind-bending double-screen platforming!
Almost there! Close to finishing this beastly stage.
The monster that was chasing you is flushed with hot magma! Eat lava dude!: )
From this point on things only get harder and harder.