Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
The storm is so strong that I've to tilt the device in order to keep Chuck going.
They don't suspect a thing...
Mowing down enemies and trees at the same time.
Get it? Get it? AHAHAAAAHAA...
Thanks to the controls, mines are very, very dangerous.
Freeing a POW.
In your face!
Thanks to Chuck Norris, the local ape-population has enough to eat.
Shooting at a stationary machine-gun.
No cutscenes - only text advances the story.
Using Chuck's rage to unleash fury with my machine-gun.
Navigating yet another minefield.
Chuck Norris is so cool, he can even hold a helicopter down.
Texas is burning!
Chuck throw an enemy at the screen.
Cars - others just drive them, Chuck uses them as a weapon.
Bitchfight ahead!
Finished level 4 (of 13) and unlocked a new ability.
Sometimes Chuck even uses a gun - but only sometimes.
Oh no, Chuck Norris is surrounded!
Chuck Norris trying to destroy barrels full of illegal Vodka.
Those Soviets even come out the walls!
No money left for that upgrade.
Ridin' a Russian bike through texas.
Don't I know you from Street Fighter?
Killing bad guys with a phone-booth - a classic.
That's what Chuck Norris calls a drive-by shooting.
Chuck Norris in a car chase in New York.
Funny moment ahead!
Master's school is under attack!
Chuck found his master alive and well.
Killing as many Koreans as possible with my helicopter.
King Hung III and his tank have returned.
This challenge requires me to swipe the screen in order to hit that punching bag.
A bunch of Soviet hotties are in my way.
Fighting Fidel Castro?!

J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
The game is filled with quotes.
Start of the game
Chuck can pick up cars to smash opponents.
Level completed.
Press the buttons to get through the storm.
Fury level 1
Chuck can easily stop a helicopter.
Buy new combos and powers at the dojo.
Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
A powerful smash
Fury level 2
You can also use guns.
Oh yes he will!
Motorcycle sequence
Fighting a boss on top of a truck.
Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
The villains are trying to get away.
Chase sequence in a police car
Fury level 3
A smashing uppercut
Fighting at the dojo.
Back in the jungle.
This tank is quite tough.
Mini-sequence with a punching ball.
Leave Chuck standing and he'll keep himself in shape.
A boss revisited
There is a barricade here.
Kim Jong-il is the final boss