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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Intro: the boy dreams of marrying a mysterious girl...
Hero's House (TM). Not much, eh? Well, he is from a poor family. Interrogation mark appears when you can interact with objects
Listening to a conversation between two weird, wacky characters - and those are among the most normal ones you'll meet in this game!
You can search trash for goodies, but beware - there is a chance you'll hurt yourself with something bad
A hippie musician - a typical Love-de-lic-style character!
Chea-pot... Haha... hilarious, it is. Like Yoda, he speaks. Why, wonder I?
Wow... how romantic... is this love?..
Ain't THAT right... except I didn't expect this from a guy imbued into a telegraph pole...
If you try to kiss people without understanding what would make them like you, you'd get beaten up. A lot
Talking to the town's crazy policeman. An example of item interaction
One of the many meetings with the mysterious Underground Residents
After you've successfully landed a kiss, a hilarious scene will ensue...
...and later you'll be able to check some... err... pleasant memories in your photo album!
Visiting the local hospital. You don't have an appointment, and the doctor is still sleeping
The town during the day. Some dialogue choices
It's late afternoon - note the change in the color. You visit the local park; if you don't press any button you'll assume such a pose. An angry little dragon is nearby!..
Visiting the local fast food place
What's the matter? CHICKEN?!..
I hope you've decided to take a bath correctly...
Buying train tickets from a crazy giant-head seller
Scarecrow Fields train station with a train heading to Long Life Town
A rural area. A very upset person is nearby
This will happen quite a lot. Game Over - note the comical crosses on your eyes...
The lush Temple of Worldly Desires - an insane mishmash of various religious styles
A high-level character at a factory entrance
Funny Bone Town. You'll only be able to explore a small segment of it
A train journey with a crazy conductor
Hmm... will I ever be able to cross this river?..
Sometimes, I just want to climb the highest structure around here, enjoying the weird contraptions and the starry sky...
If you kiss a certain person you'll get an alarm clock - very handy for further planning!
I wish all parks had such warnings...
Crazy drunk heads ask you to decide which one should be attached to the body
Exploring a very secret part of the town...
A trial for chicken murder in progress. A lion-face bathhouse-owning witness testifies in front of overgrown chicken judges. Someone should lay off weed for a while...

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