Chuzzle Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Loading screen (as Chuzzle Gold)
Main menu
Classic Mode - Begin of Level 1
Classic Mode - Scoring a group of Chuzzles
Level completed
Mega chuzzles can't scroll out of the screen
Classic Mode - Level 4 - the 4th row is vertically locked and the 2nd is horizontal locked (no movements possible)
My first trophy - for making a triple combo
The Trophy Room - all 22 trophies can be seen here, once you got them
Classic Mode - Level 6 - now it gets tricky, 3 locks and a mega chuzzle blocking many rows
Zen Mode - this is some sort of relaxing mode, no locks, no time limit
Speed Mode - running out of possible moves due to many locks (penalty for being too slow)
Exit screen