Citadel Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro starts
Intro Sequence
Background story
Title (original Polish version)
Main Menu
Info about the Authors
Map of the Complex (here you can see your game progress)
Starting the game.
Starting the game. (fullscreen view)
Ingame shot of Dungeons
Ingame shot of Stores
Ingame shot of Laboratory
Ingame shot of Sewers
Ingame shot of Prison
Ingame shot of Center
You're dead now
Your dead body
Game Over
Windowed mode
Screen view resizing
Level map
Level completed - summary
Mini gun found
Policeman in the hangar
RoboCop second generation
Optic gun
Warning in the lab
Hello there mutant, waiting for door assistant?
Pistol found
Hungry plant in the garden labyrinth
Power plant welcoming committee
Pass key
View of the Venetian mirror
Interior decorator is coming
Medi kit
Prison entrance
Behind bars
Prison guards
Sewers inhabitant
Power cell
Unwelcoming view
Typical hit reaction
Incoming fireball, stores level
No smoking zone!
Command centre entrance
Star wars trooper?
Laser display screen
Long corridor