Citadel Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Title screen
You can choose to be male or female
Another title screen
Before starting out different key locations are shown
Starting location
I've found a key
Green floating pigs
The well wheel
I've found an Egyptian mask - but how do I get there?
Some platform jumping up ahead
Meeting with a monk
The cellar
Take to much damage and the screen goes red and you are teleported back to the start of the screen
Climbing down the well
The prison is locked
Outside the citadel
Taking a swim
A room with boxes floating around
Jumping between ropes while avoiding the creatures
Top of the castle
Monks can be killed by casting a spell in their face
The bottles are needed to replenish energy
Nowhere to go but down. Might as well jump and hope for the best.
Game over
Playing as a female character