Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 04/1997:

    Die Stadt der Verlorenen Kinder

    Eine Stadt mit einem düsteren Geheimnis. Die Kinder, die unbeschwert in den Straßen spielen, verschwinden...eines nach dem anderen. Und niemand weiß, wohin..

    Vielleicht kann Miette, ein Kind der Straße, Licht ins Dunkel bringen. Aber da sind noch die teuflischen siamesischen Schwestern. Und die Cyclopen, die nachts durch die Straßen schleichen. Und der geheimnisvolle Wissenschaftler Dr. Krank, der ein schauriges Geheimnis hütet.

    Sind Sie bereit für das düster-faszinierende Abenteuer, das Miette in der Stadt der verlorenen Kinder erwartet?

    Auch als Kaufvideo erhältlich.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199916) on Apr 13, 2010.

Box Cover Back:
    This is a city with a secret.

    The children that used to crowd its streets are vanishing one by one, and no one knows where or why they're gone.

    In the city's orphanage lives Miette, a streetwise kid with a knack for pretty theft. She could be the one with the skill and cunning to solve the mystery, but first she'll have to break free of the tyrannical siamese sisters who run the orphanage like a prison.

    Even if she manages to win her freedom, there are all sorts of characters out there who'd like to make life difficult. Is she up to such a strange and dangerous mission? And more to the point, are you?

  • Puzzle-packed interactive adventure game based on the film The City of Lost Children.

  • Fully motion-captured animations bring the bizzare characters to life.

  • Amazing detailed backgrounds with atmospheric lighting and shadows.

  • Sumptuous high-resolution 3D graphics.

  • Digitised voices and sound effects.

  • Intuitive controls with real-time inventory management.

    Contributed by MAT (182705) on Jul 13, 2001.

Back of the Box:
    Kidnappings, robberies, dark characters and stolen dreams are just part of the fantastic landscape in The City of Lost Children.

    As a 10 year old orphan, you must rely on your street smarts to solve the mystery of why the City's children are vanishing one by one...and where in this eerie labyrinth of back alleys and foreboding warehouses will the plot take another wickedly clever twist?

    Prepare yourself for a brilliant flight of the imagination and a breathtaking graphical experience. Because in the City of Lost Children, there are no dead ends. Only more adventures.

    * A complex interactive adventure based on the award-winning international art-house film

    * 17 wildly imaginative characters brought to life in fully motion-captured animations and high resolution 3D graphics

    * Stunning rendered sequences advance the story

    * Intuitive controls make it easier to get into and play the game

    * Explore 30 different interactive locations with 360° range of movement

    * Amazingly detailed backgrounds with atmospheric lightning, shadows and special effects

    * Non-linear gameplay expands the challenge of the game

    * Multiple camera angles heighten the cinematic experience

    "...enormously absorbing and strangely haunting." - Next Generation

    "The City of Lost Children has something more - deep intriguing gameplay." - PC Gamer

    Contributed by Accatone (5351) on Apr 17, 2001.