Classic British Motor Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Mode selection: you must to qualify with any car in the Time Trials to unlock Single Race and Challenge modes.
Vehicle selection.
Course selection.

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu
Game mode selection. The Single Race and Challenge mode are locked until you qualify with any car in the Time Trial mode.
Car selection.
Track selection.
Starting a qualifying race with the Triumph TR3 A.
Cup Selection screen.
The first race in Bronze Cup takes place in Foxglove Lane.
Things can get pretty crowded sometimes.
The Race Results.
The Cup Standings.
Racing in the Scottish Highlands with the Triumph Spitfire.
Racing in the Rooksley Forest with the Austin Mini Cooper.
Racing in Greenwood County with the Austin Healy 3000.
Racing in Foxglove Lane with the MGA MKII.
Racing in Westminster Run with the MGB MKI.
Racing in London City Centre with the MG Midget.
Racing in the "hood" view with the Riley RM.
Racing in the front view.
The two players mode.