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Clay Fighter

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Gimmicky, but fun! SNES Da Pur Insanitee (33)

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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 10 3.7
SNES 18 3.8
Wii 3 4.9
Combined User Score 31 3.9

Critic Reviews

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SNESGamePro (US)
Clay Fighter's a great game for beginners, anyone with a sense of humour and all of you stressed-out street fighters who could stand gettin' the clay kicked out of you now and then.
GenesisGamePro (US)
If you love fighting carts and are sick of lousy SF II and MK copycat games, CF may be just he medicine you need. All we want to know is: where are the Claytalities?
SNESGame Players
The title's self explanatory, really. Play dough fighters take on formidable combat. Its quirky characters and settings work in its favors - and another player can jump in at any time with the "join-in" button.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Insgesamt kommt dieses Game sicherlich nicht an das große Vorbild Street Fighter II heran, doch hinterläßt es trotzdem einen sehr guten Eindruck, nicht zuletzt durch die fantastischen Knetfiguren.
SNESPower Unlimited
Een van de grappigste alternatieve fighters ooit heet Clayfighters. In plaats van de gebruikelijke vechtersbazen speel je hier als kleipoppetjes: lachen geblazen dus. Jammer dat het vechtsysteem wel het een en ander te wensen overlaat.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The end-boss looks like a bunch of grapes. He's kinda easy to beat, but this is a great game and you must have it.
GenesisConsoles Plus
Un jeu vraiment marrant en mode 2 joueurs et, pour une fois, pas une goutte de sang ne perle à l'écran.
SNESAll Game Guide
It's good for a few laughs, but Clay Fighter is not a game that will keep you coming back for months or even weeks. The game's only selling point is its unique theme, but you'll grow tired of that rather quickly and find yourself disappointed by the game's poor showing in virtually every aspect.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Everything on the Super NES version has been faithfully carried over --- all the moves, all the fighters and remarkably, clear and crisp voices! This was always a clever parody of the fighting genre and I can't wait for C2: Judgement Clay to arrive. The control, however, is a little bit touchy and you will definitely want to use the six-button controller to fully enjoy this one.
SNESMega Fun
Tja, Interplay war bei Clay Fighter das Blendwerk anscheinend wesentlich wichtiger als das eigentliche Spiel; je länger Ihr spielt, desto mehr tritt die Technik aber in den Hintergrund und übrig bleibt ein Beat'em Up, das nicht unbedingt aus der Masse herausragt. Knetfiguren, detaillierte Animationen, digitalisierte Titelmusik, alles schön und gut, aber wenn sich die unspektakulären Special Moves fast alle mit der gleichen Tastenkombination erreichen lassen, bei der Hintergrundgrafik teilweise geschlampt wurde und keine sonderlich neuen Ideen mit ins Spieldesign eingeflossen sind, kann ich gerne darauf verzichten. Von den Dingen, die letztendlich einen Prügelhit ausmachen, Atmosphäre und Spielbarkeit, ist Interplay meiner Meinung nach jedenfalls noch weit entfernt.
50 (UK)
For people who still think Steve Wright In The Afternoon is the height of wit, or that Bored of the Rings is timeless parody, this will no doubt be hilarious. It's not. It's a bit rubbish.
For some reason, however, I still like it, after all that. The game can get kind of challenging at times, but it's mostly on the side of controls instead of a tough opponent. Even the N.Boss isn't much more than a computer generated necklace with eyes and pearl projectiles and a throw move. Clay Fighter is not hard to find and not that expensive, so if you don't have it, there's no real problem with picking it up, but just remember that the controls may need a bit of getting use to really have fun with it.
GenesisMega Fun
Von der innovativen Idee und Grafik der SNES-Variante blieb auf dem MD allerdings nicht mehr viel übrig: Die Knet-Hoschis verdreschen sich vor schlecht gezeichneten Szenarien ohne Sinn und Verstand, die Special Moves gleichen sich in der Ausführung doch ziemlich und die Animationen machen bei einer derartig schwachen Atmosphäre nicht lange Spaß. Dazu kommt, daß der Schwierigkeitsgrad, sobald Ihr Eure Moves drauf habt, rapide abfällt und die Kollisionsabfrage zu wünschen übrig läßt. Nebenbei habt Ihr das Spiel sowieso nach max. zwei Stunden durchgezockt. Clayfighter geriet als bloße Konvertierung zum lauen Scherz; öfter mal was Neues, Jungs.
GenesisGamers (Germany)
Insgesamt ist Clayfigther zwar eine technisch gute, aber leider spielerisch wertlose Umsetzung des Prügelspiel-Erfolgs. Wer partout nicht von „Haudrauf“-Spielen lassen kann, sollte sich dieses Modul zur Abschreckung antun. Ansonsten gibt’s ja schließlich „Street Fighter“.
WiiNintendo Life
Unless you are just a diehard Clayfighter fan, this is probably not a game that you're going to want to spend a lot of time with. It's just far too sluggish to be taken seriously by any hardcore fighting game fan and once the novelty of the claymation wears off, and it doesn't take long, all you're left with is an un-inpsired fighting game that's just not much fun to play. If you absolutely must have your Clayfighter fix, you'd be better off waiting for Clayfighter 63 1/3.
ClayFighter was a timely idea back in the middle of the fighting game craze of the early-to-mid '90s, and its unique visual style and use of clay modeling techniques to render its cast of characters was bold enough to make it something of a cult hit in that age. But, removed from that time period, this fighter falters. Its graphics are no longer anything special, and its combat is stiff, stale and boring.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
I will give Clayfighter credit for being imaginative. The well-rendered but unlikeable clay characters include an Elvis impersonator, a scarecrow, a blob, a fat opera woman, and an evil snowman. These are not exactly your usual suspects when it comes to fighting games. They perform some humorous animations and sound bites, including Elvis saying "thank you very much" after winning a bout. When executing their bizarre attacks the fighters will sometimes transform into oversized weapons like hammers and buzz saws. While amusing at first, you can expect a lot of cheap hits and minimal technique. Although the characters are nicely rendered, they lack smooth animation, making it hard to tell what's going on in the heat of battle. You can adjust the game speed, difficulty, and controller configurations. Clayfighter is amusing for the short term, but in the long term it's more irritating than anything else.