The Cleaner Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting options screen.
Our hero enters the stage.
At the start of the game you will be accompanied by a fellow mage.
Firing the mighty Mage-Beam towards an enemy-soldier.
With Telekinesis you will be able to grab just about anything that isn't nailed down.
You must find a way to destroy this generator in order to get past the force-field.
The main menu. This is where you can improve your spells with essence-points.
The enemy has got some serious firepower, alright!
You will encounter many bizarre creatures in your travels.
Watch the head, Cleaner!
The first boss.
Just because you can fly that doesn't mean the badies can't reach you.
The displacer bolt will stun enemies temporarily.
Gee, what an awfully big, big spaceship....
which I just made into a big, big boom!
Three on one, what an awfully unsportly behaviour! Tsk,tsk.
Guess these guys don't like visitors.
Whatever it is they are up to it can't be anything good.
That big, glowing thing is a relic-piece.
Boy, it sure is dark in here!
Somehow I have a feeling they are not a welcome-committee.