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Clive Barker's Jericho Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
One of the 43 unlockables
The loading screens help telling the background story.
Cpt. Ross (you) gets briefed on the situation.
The helicopter leaves the squad alone.
All six members of the squad in view.
This can't be good.
You change the firing rate of your weapon on screen.
One of the action-button-events.
If you didn't already know that you are in a Clive Barker game - this will definitely tip you off.
Walking through the ruins of Al-Khali
Strange monsters incoming.
Ross get's close.
A monster is killing a former human.
A vision leads the way.
Fire looks especially good in the game.
A closed blood door.
Paul examines the blood stains.
Church opened up the blood door for us.
The famous calm before the storm.
The control center used for research in the city.
Paul unites with an old friend.
I wonder why they scan the status of my team down here.
There isn't very much still intact here.
The last shotgun shell did the job.
These things are hard to kill.
Church placed a Fire Ward.
I think I'm gonna puke also Simone points out that this isn't human tissue.
Xavier is badly wounded.
The Blood Ward spell in action.
I won't tell you who that is on the floor.
This one is gone for good.
Fighting a big bad-ass dog-like creature.
This really looks like fun.
Jones and Church assessing the situation.
Inside the baths. I don't think you want to know the contents of that water in front of Frank.
Frank can make himself temporarily immune to fire.
An enemy tortures a lost soul.
Thanks for warning me that this is hot.
Jericho Squad sneaks up behind two Imperial Guards.
Okay, this is one disturbing enemy.
The game features interesting level design and it still looks great graphic-wise.
Physics are quite important in this game (you need a patch to make it work on modern systems).
Gladiator... Bring it on!