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PlayStation 3PSX Extreme (Apr 09, 2012)
Closure is one of those games that just has to be experienced. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you’ll probably be thankful that you tried it. Games like this don’t come around that often and despite a few small quirks and eccentricities, this is one of the premier puzzlers currently available on the PSN. Provided you’ve got the requisite patience and you don’t mind the somewhat slow pace (there’s nothing frenetic about this one), you should be in for an original, challenging treat.
PlayStation 3IGN UK (Mar 27, 2012)
Ever since being announced for PlayStation Network last year, Closure has looked intriguing, but I had no idea just how good it actually was. Now I do. Stylish and engaging, Closure’s thoughtful and pensive approach to the puzzle genre should be applauded. It controls smoothly and looks and sounds great as it both punishes and rewards. It strikes just the right balance that all puzzle games should strive for; something that even untalented puzzle gamers shouldn’t feel frustrated with while engendering a more hardcore, gifted puzzle audience with its own unique set of challenges.
WindowsInside Gaming (Sep 13, 2012)
Closure is another fantastic puzzler that belongs in the Steam library of anyone that enjoyed Portal or Vessel. Though the level of precision required to solve some puzzles is a little beyond my taste, it’s great that games of this nature are starting to become so prolific that those looking for puzzles with a little more bite can find them.
PlayStation 3GameTrailers (Apr 04, 2012)
Though the step and repeat nature of inching a light source in tandem with a key can grow tiresome, the great puzzles and light-hearted platforming don’t butt heads very often. Closure’s grip of levels aren’t so devious that you won’t exhaust them in a few play sessions, but there are more than enough secrets for those willing to repeatedly wade into the shadows. Puzzle aficionados who like their "eureka" moments mixed with a splash of action will devour this shadowy gem.
WindowsGame Sphere (Oct 06, 2012)
Pour terminer sur les quelques points noirs du titre – car il n’en est pas exempt – il est peu probable qu’une fois terminé vous y rejouiez puisque Closure ne dispose d’aucun challenge additionnel et que son potentiel de rejouabilité est quasi inexistant une fois que l’on connait la solution des énigmes. De plus, la bande son bien que très sympathique est extrêmement répétitive et pourra par conséquent en rebuter plus d’un. Pour remédier à cela une seule solution, couper la musique ou vous préparer une playlist à jouer en fond sonore.
Windows3D Juegos (Sep 27, 2012)
Su original puesta en escena y el sobresaliente diseño de sus rompecabezas convierten a Closure en una de las apuestas indie más destacables del año. Puede que completar la aventura no nos lleva demasiadas horas de juego, pero os garantizamos que disfrutaréis de lo lindo con los desafíos que plantea este innovador juego de puzles y plataformas. ¿Tienes miedo a la oscuridad? Demuestra que no es así enfrentándote cara a cara a ella.
PlayStation 3Joystiq (Mar 29, 2012)
Closure offers up a unique puzzle experience set in a wonderfully moody environment caught somewhere between the designs of Dan Paladin and Edward Gorey. The curious properties of its light add a distinct twist to the traditional logic puzzle genre -- specifically by infusing it with a heavy dose of illogic. It loses a bit of steam in the middle, but dedicated puzzle fans will want to see it through to the end.
PlayStation 3GamesRadar (Mar 30, 2012)
On one hand, you can easily open another tab and find Closure playable in a browser. On the other, the PSN experience looks fantastic and offers Dual Shock support, plus trophies. Overall, the PS3 game is a neatly-constructed package that wonderfully showcases a smart and challenging puzzle game. It's a great way to dive in and invest your time in a unique and soundly designed experience. Regardless of how you experience it, just be sure not to miss Closure.
PlayStation 3GameSpot (Apr 04, 2012)
Closure relies heavily on its novel mechanics to create an enticing puzzler. But this is more than just a clever gimmick. The steady difficulty curve and wealth of ideas offer an uncommon experience, and the effective artistic design meshes wonderfully with these aspects. Closure is a smart, original adventure that makes you fear darkness above all else because one misstep can spell your doom.
PlayStation (Apr 04, 2012)
2D platform- en puzzelgames en kunst gaan hand in hand, zo bewijst Closure. De game is een geweldige artistieke ervaring en weet op te vallen door zijn unieke spelconcept en beklemmende sfeer. Als een lezer van poëzie baan je je door het spel heen: je hebt niet altijd door wat je doet, maar de beleving is altijd prachtig.
PlayStation (UK) (Sep 07, 2012)
These are still only minor issues in what is otherwise an excellent indie puzzler. Poking around Closure's elusive planes is simultaneously enchanting and worrisome, when the entire fabric of reality is dependent on twisting a bulb the right way. Closure may stop short of delivering the sort of swashbuckling adventure one might hope for from a journey through this shadowy netherworld, but it remains thoroughly enjoyable puzzle game that twists your brain in all sorts of maddening directions while keeping the answers just out of reach. It's just a shame that in the end Closure couldn't provide more, um, closure.
80 (Sep 26, 2012)
Closure určitě není kdovíjak originálním počinem, je však neuvěřitelně chytlavá, zábavná a občas i docela těžká. Na druhou stranu, právě míra zádrhelů funguje jako skvělá výzva k pokoření. Po letech překotného vývoje grafiky a fyziky ve hrách se ukazuje, že v jednoduchosti stále zůstává určitá krása a rozhodně není důvod si takových her nevšímat.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 18, 2012)
Closure relies heavily on its novel mechanics to create an enticing puzzler. But this is more than just a clever gimmick. The steady difficulty curve and wealth of ideas offer an uncommon experience, and the effective artistic design meshes wonderfully with these aspects. Closure is a smart, original adventure that makes you fear darkness above all else because one misstep can spell your doom.
WindowsGameSpy (Sep 13, 2012)
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. My goggles have night-vision mode, so that would make me a god. For that reason alone, I have to approve of Closure. You may begin making sacrifices in my honor at your earliest convenience.
PlayStation 3Indie Game Magazine (Apr 02, 2012)
The hand-crafted aesthetic doesn’t exactly leave the door open for user-created content or level editors in the future either. Weighing in at about triple the length of the Flash original, it’s not a particularly short game, but it’s not a huge adventure either, and one that might be a bit of a hard sell at the launch price of $15 especially considering both the quality and size of some recent PSN offerings. Still, Closure is an experience quite unlike anything else, and that’s reason enough to give this a serious look.
79 (Sep 20, 2012)
Closure nasce da un'idea brillante che mantiene intatto il suo fascino anche dopo decine di livelli sempre più complessi. La grafica cruda e le musiche che accompagnano i puzzle sono complici nel creare l'atmosfera misteriosa che avvolge il gioco, anche se nessun elemento da solo eccelle. Closure funziona per sottrazione. La luce rivela il mondo come una ferita che squarcia il buio, poi si richiude e rimane solo il vuoto. Purtroppo il gioco soffre proprio a causa della sua struttura. La manipolazione del mondo è imperfetta, e sporadiche imprecisioni ci fanno pagare qualche fallimento di troppo. In compenso offre una sfida unica e appagante, e ce la mette tutta per farsi perdonare le sue lacune.
77 (Sep 20, 2012)
Stellt man Closure neben das große Braid, wirkt es kleiner als es sein müsste: Ohne Erzählung und ohne Geheimnisse abseits des Lösungswegs bleibt nur das auf Dauer etwas einsame Rätselraten. Manche Aufgaben sind dabei recht eingleisig und die Lösung ergibt sich zu oft aus dem Aufspüren des richtigen Weges. Wenn mich Closure vor eine echte Kopfnuss stellt, macht es allerdings alles richtig! Dann sind Plattformen plötzlich keine geometrischen Formen mehr, sondern werden erst im Scheinwerferlicht Realität. Meine Gedanken finden dann Wege, die es in der Realität nie geben kann. Spätestens dann, wenn viele bewegliche Lichtquellen die Finsternis durchbrechen, entsteht eine faszinierend dynamische Rätselwelt.
PlayStation 3Destructoid (Mar 04, 2012)
Closure’s faults can’t prevent it from, at times, reaching some of the greatest heights in the puzzle-platforming genre. Once you get to the final ten stages, you are in pure puzzle-platforming bliss. Or hell. I suppose, bliss, then hell, then bliss again. But that’s the fun of a game like this: it demands that you be smarter than you thought you were an hour ago, and it leaves you feeling like you really accomplished something great by its end.
60 (Nov 07, 2012)
Til tross for en mørk verden, mystisk musikk og bokstavelig talt svarte hull, er spillet aldri skummelt. Er du glad i å løse gåter er det lett å tenke «bare ett brett til». Likevel mangler spillet «det lille ekstra» som gjør det til en ekte klassiker. Konseptet er rett og slett bedre enn spillet. I en verden som består av stadig flere større spillselskaper, er det likevel gledelig å se at en indieutvikler også lykkes med et godt konsept.