Cloud Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go.
Flying noodles.
Avoid them bullets.
Mid-level boss.
Round 1 start
Pig heads
magic door
Fire power
Tiger heads

MSX version

Title screen
Starting out in Mt. Gogyo
You've found a weapons upgrade
Flying cat heads and a speed upgrade
Watch out, a cat with a shield!
An armed pig and more powerups
Making waves in the bamboo forest

NES version

Title screen
Starting out in Mt. Gogyo
Flying pig heads and artillery turtles
Fighting noodle bowls and flying deities
Don't let that power-up get away!
An armoured artillerist

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Fire Shield
Sun Down
Exploding Enemy
Fried Cloud Master
Wave Attack
Power up visible
Scenic Journey

Sharp X68000 version

Title/Loading screen
By pressing F3 on the title screen you can adjust the difficulty
Strange birds
Round 1 boss
This geezer gives you 100,000 points after completing a stage
Tiger heads
Each level has a different shopkeeper, this one has a clam for a head
Round 2 boss
Great wall in the background
Thank you, Tiger-head shopkeeper person
Stage 3 boss is... Buddha with sun glasses
This game has great artwork for backgrounds, plus jumping monkeys and flying pig heads
Round 4 boss
Panda heads that come out of clouds and a pig with a cannon
Last boss is a Dragon, duh...