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The political message manages to shine through the clumsiness of the odd platforming section and gives the gamer more than the simple sense of satisfaction needed to see through each puzzle. Clover wraps itself up in uniqueness: its hand-drawn presentation initially promises a light and cheery game, then it forces you to peek into the shadows and, by the time you reach the ultimately sobering conclusion, you’ve found the murky darkness has suck up around you. You’re drowning in it. And there’s no longer anything you can do but despair.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
In spite of these issues, I found my experience with Clover: A Curious Tale to be a pleasant one. Even as I write this, I’m not sure how I want to view the political elements of the game, but I didn’t feel clubbed over the head with polemics. The relaxed gameplay will certainly not be for everyone, but gamers looking for something different should least check out the demo and perhaps pick up a copy.
WindowsGirl Gamers UK
If you want a relaxing puzzle platformer then I suggest you give this one a shot. Anything that uses logical or lateral thinking is always a bonus in my book. This game makes you explore, investigate, and grow an intriguing and curious mind as you piece together the storyline and adopt new ways of thinking. A charming classic game that leads you into a world of puzzles, adventure and mystery.
WindowsAdventure Gamers
This kind of side-scrolling adventure is an acquired taste certainly, and the gameplay can become tedious at times, but Clover is a welcome nostalgic throwback to its retro roots.