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NES 17 2.6
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Combined User Score 17 2.6

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Jeu simple et original qui mêle avec bonheur le réflexe et la stratégie, accompagné d'une musique agréable. Détente assurée.
While not everyone will love this decidedly odd title, its uniqueness is undeniable and the difficulty curve smooth enough to keep hooked players coming back for more.
70 (UK) (Apr 12, 2009)
Like a lot of the NES games on the Virtual Console, there's nothing here that demands your immediate attention, but as a cute pocket money diversion it's more than acceptable.
NESRetrogaming History (Aug 16, 2009)
Clu Clu Land si presenta come un videogioco dall'altmosfera classica che potrebbe piacere molto ai retrogiocatori stagionati. Divertente, semplice, ben strutturato e mai banale risulta comunque ripetitivo. Basta guardare le foto in questa pagina per capire subito come si svolge il gameplay. Io lo apprezzo molto, sopratutto per la simpatia che è riuscito a trasmettermi
67 (Jul, 2011)
Clu Clu Land is one of these point-driven games that feels tailor-made for an arcade: it’s fast, it’s difficult, it’s both time-based and point driven, and its play style is definitely unique. While I wouldn’t cry out for Clu Clu Land‘s resurrection, I can appreciate the originality behind this early, oft-forgotten game.
NESPower Play (Mar, 1988)
Clu Clu Land ist ein nettes Spiel, das vor allem zu zweit sehr erheiternd ist. Allein ist die Spielmotivation deutlich geringer. Die Steuerung des Goldsuchers ist zwar nicht alltäglich, entpuppt sich aber als sehr raffiniert. Da man den Goldsucher nicht anhalten kann, gibt es kaum Verschnaufpausen.
NESVideo Game Den (Mar 15, 2011)
All in all, Clu Clu Land has aged a bit, but it is still as innovative and as fun as it was back in the days.
NESTilt (Dec, 1987)
Les graphismes, agréables à l'œil malgré une simplicité trop évidente, n'atteignent pas la qualité de l'animation coulée et douce. La bande sonore fait aussi preuve d'évidentes et indéniables qualités. Mais cela ne suffit pas et montre qu'en matière de console on ne saurait, à cause du prix assez élevé des cartouches, se satisfaire d'une réalisation de grande qualité. Dommage pour Clu Clu Land.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (May 02, 2003)
I honestly don't remember seeing this game on shelves during the early part of the Nintendo Entertainment System's life. The concept is very old-school arcade, but it just doesn't have the elements to make it a "classic." It's certainly challenging, though, and if you want something that'll tax your brain and your gaming thumbs, this one's just five bucks to try it out.
WiiIGN (Sep 04, 2008)
Classic gaming completionists out there are no doubt pleased that one more of the original NES launch titles has now arrived in the Wii Shop, but it's hard to imagine that too many more of you are all that excited about this release. It was a fine diversion when it showed up as a freebie to play in Animal Crossing, and it certainly even entertained the few gamers who got on board with the whole e-Reader thing when it showed up again in card form a few years ago. But at 500 Wii Points as a Virtual Console title, and with so many other, better games already available at that same rate, it's safe for you to spin right on past Clu Clu Land. You could even choose to buy Pac-Man instead.
WiiNintendo Life (Sep 01, 2008)
Clu Clu Land has often been compared to Namco’s Pac-Man and with good reason; it’s a single-screen game and it features the same kind of ‘fill the grid/eat the grid’ gameplay – but Clu Clu Land isn’t quite as elegant as Namco’s effort. The main stumbling block is the interface, which is unquestionably innovative but ultimately too unwieldy to offer truly accurate controls. The game is also mercilessly difficult on later levels, and this saps much of the enjoyment it might have otherwise offered.