The Club Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Splash Screen
The introduction of the main characters (Intro).
Main Menu
Choose your character.
A short tutorial video explains the gameplay.
Loading Screen
Blasting my way through the tutorial level.
Select your fix.
The game modes are introduced with a frozen scene from the battlefield.
I think the text says it all...
Owned! That was an awesome round.
The current standings after the fourth round in the tournament.
A headshot is always good for points.
This will be a Great Shot.
I killed that one with the last bullet in my magazine.
Nice jump buddy. Too bad you are dead!
Another one has been put to sleep.
Zoom in for more precision but also for more blur.
This one will get two shotgun shells directly into his face.
I only made second place in the tournament...
A small movie introduces the next setting.