Cluedo Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen.
Enter your name.
The board.
Players moving to various rooms.
The cards you hold.
Mrs White making an accusation.

Commodore 64 version

Leisure Genius Presents . . .
The title screen.
Choose your player
The board.
mmmmm who could it be!

MSX version

Title screen.
The house of murder.
Accusation time.
Next move.

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen
Legal stuff : Trade mark info The third or fourth such screen. This sits on screen for what seems like an age
Player details : all six must be assigned a computer skill level. 1-3 designates a computer player of that skill level, 'ENTER' takes the default level of zero which means a human player
Do you want sound effects. responding 'Y' plays music at the start of each characters turn, e.g. Colonel Bogey is played before Colonel Mustards turn. I found this annoying.
Game speed, 0 (fastest) - 9 (slowest) The idea is to provide 'thinking time' between each turn
Each player rolls to see who's the dealer. Highest roll wins. If there is a tie then the tying players re-roll until there is a winner
The dice always rolls across the board from the bottom left to the centre
The clue cards are shuffled and allocated to each player - as in the board game
Miss Scarlet rolls first and moves to the bracketted square by the lounge automatically
Prof Plum is a human player. Roll Dice must be selected and used before he can move. Movement is by using the numeric keypad arrow keys to select a destination square then hitting 'ENTER'.
After a few rounds Miss Scarlett gets into the Lounge and makes a suggestion
The next player in turn is asked if they have these cards
If unsure the player can view their cards. A reminder to hide the screen if playing with others is given
The players cards are revealed
The player did not have a matching card amnd so responds 'N' - No
The next player is a computer player and does have a matching card.....
.. so the player, the blue dot, is dragged across the screen to answer the question
If a human player does not answer the question ' do you have a card?' truthfully the game corrects them
Here the right answer is given
Three wrong answers in a row and the human player is out of the game
The Notes menu item triggers a series of sub menus
The first list is the suspect list. Entries can be coloured using keys 1-5, that's one colour for each other player
Next is the weapons listgain weapons can be coloured as required
Finally the list of locations. The lists repeat until 'Finished' is selected
'Clue Cards' shows the players own clue cards
Making a suggestion : .. then choose the weapon
Then select finished, the game will ask the next player if they have any matching cards
player 'Kevin' does and reveals the Conservatory' card which we can now eliminate in the Note's section