Cobra Command Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Mission.
Getting dropped off.
Shoot the helicopters.
A Power-Up.
Tanks advancing.
More tanks to destroy.
End of scene boss.
Got him.
Blowing things up.
Planes and tanks.

NES version

Intro scene
Title screen (Japan)
Title screen (US)
Starting Stage 1 - Sumatra
Rescuing a hostage using a rope.
A enemy fortress forward
Destroy the enemy fortress... fall by a tunnel.
Look for more hostages underground.
Destroy walls to make way.
Defeat the truck... land on top of the enemy depot to obtain news items.
Press the Select button to choose items and see data of the mission.
Defeat the tank... rescue more hostages in the enemy fortress.
Starting Stage 2 - Java