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SEGA CDPower Play (Jan, 1993)
Trotz der mangelnden Interaktivität kann Thunderstorm FX begeistern, da es neue Wege in der Videospielewelt aufzeigt.
iPhoneSlide to Play (Dec 21, 2009)
Cobra Command lacks some of that charm, but is ultimately more of a game than the others. You might not find yourself returning for the nostalgia as much as you will for the experience that it offers. It's not often that we can play a game like this and forget that it's a cartoon over which we have such limited control. The motion of the helicopters, the sweeping vistas, and constant action are engaging, beautiful, and fun. You owe it to yourself to experience a classic, probably for the first time, in its finest presentation in more than two decades.
SEGA CDSega Force (Jul 08, 1993)
På något sätt känns COBRA COMMAND inte helt färdigt på sina ställen, men jag förlåter direkt för att det är ett sånt totalt röj så metallen stänker. Ljudet i COBRA COMMAND är så häftigt att det inte finns mycket mer att önska. Har du ingen bra stereo att köra ljudet igenom så tryck in ett par hörlurar i Megan. Då blir det ett j#la mörs! Klart godkänt spel. Jag tror jag är kär.
SEGA CDGameFan Magazine (Oct, 1992)
A must have for Sega-CD owners! Though it is the first in the LD to CD line-up, Thunderstorm loses little in the translation. It's like a rollercoaster ride! I guarantee you'll play over and over again. Oh get the surround sound, use headphones...a BIG winner!
SEGA CDRetro Game Reviews (Mar 08, 2015)
Cobra Command is a challenging game but it's packed full of action and has many stages for replayability. A technically impressive showing for the Mega CD where playing each level is akin to a white knuckle ride!
iPhoneTouch Arcade (Dec 02, 2009)
Cobra Command is completely remastered from the 1984 version, with fully restored video, a new cockpit and sound effects, as well as unlockables. There's even an online leaderboard and hardly any noticeable delay between the different animated clips that make up the game. Of the laserdisc games available on the iPhone, Cobra Command is by far the most impressive largely because of how much care Revolutionary Concepts not only put in to bringing the game to the platform, but also bringing the game up to today's standard instead of just doing a straight port of the original.
iPhoneModojo (Dec 08, 2009)
If you picked up Space Ace and already have Dragon's Lair, you'll want to make room for Cobra Command. It works in a very similar manner, and is a ton of fun. It isn't as interactive as Ace Combat XI, but you'll enjoy the twitch shooting and impressive visuals. Besides, where else can you blast enemies off the Statue of Liberty's shoulders without getting crap from Homeland Security? Boy, do we miss the 80s.
iPhoneIGN (Dec 03, 2009)
Another eighties laser disc classic? Sweet. I have a personal affinity for the games of the laser craze (not that Mad Dog McCree crap that came later) and so Cobra Command was a fastball right over my plate. But, I recognize that it’s not for everybody. It will look too simple with zero replay value. That’s fine. But if you’re a retrogamer like me, you’ll have a blast zooming down memory lane with this fun on-rails shooter.
SEGA CDMean Machines (Oct, 1992)
Not so much a game as a glorified tech demo, for those interested in technical excellence.
It's a great first generation game for the Sega CD!
SEGA CDMega Fun (Aug, 1993)
Tja, was soll ich bloß zu Cobra Command schreiben? Auf der einen Seite steckt weder eine berauschende Spielidee dahinter, geschweige denn eine tolle Grafik. Andererseits hat Cobra Command das gewisse Etwas, das mich immer wieder einmal vor den Monitor lockt. Leider kann ich den Reiz dieses Spieles nicht genau definieren, fest steht aber, daß die Soundeffekte und die Kommentare des Copiloten auf jeden Fall zur Atmosphäre beitragen. Es macht einfach riesigen Spaß, dem Zeichentrickablauf des Spieles zu folgen und seine Geschicklichkeit zu testen. Ihr solltet auf jeden Fall dieses Spiel einmal gesehen haben, denn hier hat Wolfteam eine wirkliche Meisterleistung abgeliefert, an die sie später nicht mehr rangekommen sind.
SEGA CDVideo Games (Aug, 1993)
Cobra Command ist einer jener interaktiven Zeichentrickfilme, bei denen Ihr jeweils nur wenige Sekundenbruchteile Zeit habt, die einzig richtige und erwünschte Joypad-Bewegung hinzuquetschen. Nur dann springt das Spiel zum nächsten Filmausschnitt. Im Klartext: Ihr “erlebt“ die Handlung, indem Ihr die korrekten Bewegungen mühsam Schritt für Schritt auswendig lernt. Das heißt tausendmal Sterben und neu beginnen, tausendmal derselbe Sound, tausendmal dieselben Sequenzen. Hinzu kommen ärgerliche Lade-Unterbrechungen, eine bescheidene Farbpalette und die Tatsache, daß der “Film“ flimmert, wie ein Kuhschwanz in der Mittagshitze. Für meinen Geschmack steckt der interaktive Film noch in den Kinderschuhen.
SEGA CDAll Game Guide (1998)
If you don't mind the lack of gameplay and are up for a quick 20 minute thrill ride in your own home, then give Cobra Command a try. It may not last long or look particularly good, but will still have you enticed to see what's next.
SEGA CDThe Video Game Critic (Dec 29, 2005)
The graphics and animation are good for the Sega CD, but the rudimentary animation reminded me of an old Speed Racer cartoon. Still, the varied locales and non-stop action kept me forging ahead. The audio is pretty weak, with scratchy voice samples that are hard to decipher. Cobra Command is okay as long as you don't mind full-motion video games. Most casuals gamers probably won't "get it", but die-hard Sega CD fans should find it worthwhile.
SEGA CDSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Jan 08, 2009)
Vous l'aurez vite compris, Thunderstorm FX est un jeu très moyen qui ne parvient à séduire que par le fait que la ludothèque Mega-CD n'est pas très fournie. Si l'animation n'avait pas été aussi désastreuse, qu'il y avait eu l'embryon d'un scénario et d'une mise en scène solide, et si enfin il n'était pas si court, peut être aurait il pu se hisser au niveau de Road Avenger ou Time Gal. Dommage, personnellement j'accroche bien à ce type de jeu d'habitude.
SEGA (Jul 31, 2004)
In a surprising and apparently unfounded show of confidence, Sega hungrily snatched this game from the jaws of a smaller company in order to publish it themselves. Entranced by hollow FMV promises and the allure of an interactive Saturday morning cartoon, my young and innocent heart stood no match for the slick "Welcome to the Next Level" lines peddled by Sega in countless magazines. I really wanted to love Cobra Command but thinking about how much it cost depresses me in a way that only a really disappointing and worthless game can. Don't waste your time as I wasted mine; leave this one for the vultures.