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Codename: Iceman
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

You are Commander John Westland of the US Navy. You are spending a well-earned holiday from your previous assignment in Tahiti, a place where love and romance can easily be found. Westland is sitting on his beach chair enjoying the sun. Look around. There are sexy native girls passing by Westland every now and then. Feel free to check them out. There is a hotel on this part of the beach, and we need to go inside later. LOOK TABLE next to Westland and GET MAGAZINE. Read the article about Tunisia, and how the United States and Russia are negotiating for the high-grade crude oil found in the country.

STAND UP and LOOK CHAIR. TAKE SHIRT hanging on the chair. Walk up to the hotel and OPEN DOOR to go inside. Look around. LOOK GIRL behind the counter. TAKE ROOM KEY from the counter. READ SIGN beside the counter and note down the phone number for Nosinky Dinghy Transportation Services, then leave the hotel. Now, go west (x2) to the second group of huts on the beach. The first one is your hut. OPEN DOOR and enter.

Look around. Go over to the nightstand and OPEN DRAWER. Inside the drawer is Westland's ID card and some change. TAKE ID and TAKE CHANGE. Leave the hut and return to the hotel entrance. You have enough money to buy a newspaper, so walk over to the newspaper box and BUY PAPER. Westland will automatically read it. It mentions, among other things, that the US Ambassador is kidnapped. The group responsible for this is demanding ten million dollars which will be used to purchase arms, and if the demand is not met within thirty days, the Ambassador will be executed and his body dumped in front of the US Embassy. The US president is not happy with this and is threatening military action if the Ambassador is not released.

Go west. There is a volleyball game between two teams, but it is basically two players against one. JOIN GAME to participate and help out the girl. (You get points as you play.) Eventually the ball ends up in the water, and your partner tries to get it back but drowns in the process. Enter the water to bring her back to the beach. Westland will lay her down, and this is CPR will come in handy.

To perform CPR on the girl, type the commands exactly as it appears below, and press [Enter/Return] after each line:


After entering the last command, the doctor comes, examines the girl, and say that the girl will be fine. She gets up and gives Westland a passionate kiss as a gesture of appreciation. Brilliant! Go east and TAKE SHIRT off your chair. Now, go back to the hotel and enter. Shortly, the receptionist gives you an important message from General Braxton. GET MESSAGE then READ MESSAGE. It tells you to call Braxton immediately. The ChiChi Bar is to your right. OPEN DOOR and enter.

Look around. Look at the patrons being serving by their lovely bartender, who looks like Ken Williams. There are two women sitting by themselves. Approach the one with the brown hair and BUY GIRL DRINK. She is happy to share a drink with Westland. When you return to the table, POUR DRINK. Then DANCE with the girl. The two of you hit the dance floor, and you will see how sexy she is. You can dance forever, or just STOP DANCING when you had enough. The girl will return to her seat, but you have to SIT DOWN at the table first.

When you are asked whether you want to go to her place, answer YES and the two of you will been seen standing outside the front door, holding hands. All the more reason to get to know her. ASK FOR NAME and she says that her name is Stacy. HUG GIRL. When she asks if you want to come inside, answer YES. Inside, follow her to the bed and SIT DOWN. LOOK GIRL if you want, then TALK GIRL. She will mention that she lost an earring and can't find it anywhere. KISS GIRL until you end up getting laid.

Westland is still in Stacy's bed when we see him again. STAND UP and he will automatically put his shirt on again. LOOK TABLE and GET NOTE resting on top, then READ NOTE. Once you have finished reading the note, leave the hut. There is something sparkling on the beach. LOOK SPARKLE to discover an earring. Now that wouldn't be the same earring Stacy lost, would it? Go over and GET EARRING. LOOK EARRING and you notice that its top can be opened. OPEN EARRING and LOOK INSIDE EARRING to get the tiny roll of microfilm. Westland discovers that Stacy is an undercover agent.

Return to your hut and OPEN DOOR to get inside. Go over to the closet on the right and OPEN CLOSET. There are two sets of clothes here. LOOK IN POCKETS of the dark suit and TAKE BLACK BOOK from out of it. Now, READ BLACK BOOK and note down General Braxton's number. (The other number is not important.) Go over to the nightstand and USE PHONE to call Braxton. When he is on the line, TALK BRAXTON. He says that there is an “explosive situation”, and that you are required in Washington. USE PHONE again to call Nosinki Dinghy. TALK MAN to tell him your location. A dinghy will arrive shortly, so it's time to leave Tahiti.

Go back to the hotel entrance. The dinghy has arrived. Get on board to be taken to Tahiti Airport. After a plane ride to Dulles Airport, a limousine will arrive shortly. This is your pick-up. Approach the driver and he asks if you are Commander Westland. SHOW ID to be taken to the Pentagon. When you are inside the lobby, approach the man behind the counter and TALK MAN. SHOW ID to be ushered through and go to the elevator on the left and PUSH BUTTON. When you get to the floor where the briefing room is on, SHOW ID to the guard who approaches you.

OPEN DOOR to the briefing room. Listen to the briefing about the kidnapped Ambassador. Westland must travel to Pearl Harbor where he will enter a submarine, the USS Blackhawk. The details of the mission are locked in a safe, but you are given the combination (write it down). You must also make contact with the woman who happens to be the same one you met at the hotel. After the briefing, Westland is alone in the room. STAND UP and TAKE ENVELOPE. Now, exit the room and approach the guard. GET ID. LOOK ID to see that it is the wrong one. GIVE ID to be given the proper one, then leave the Pentagon.

Westland will board a plane to Honolulu International Airport where his driver is waiting for him to be taken to Pearl Harbor. TALK DRIVER. When you are asked if you are Commander Westland, answer YES. SHOW ID to be taken to the Blackhawk. There, walk up the gangplank and SALUTE FLAG. SALUTE OFFICER then REQUEST PERMISSION TO COME ON BOARD. After showing the officer your orders, you enter the Blackhawk and go to your room.

Look around. LOOK BOOKSHELF and TAKE DECODING BOOK. Look at the desk. OPEN DRAWER and TAKE VERNIER CALIPER from inside, then CLOSE DRAWER. Go outside through the door to your left to meet the captain, who will ask you to do a test-run of the controls. Look in your manual to find out what each control does.


Although the control panel is labeled fully in the manual, it does not represent exactly what you see on screen. Prior to the game's release, there were changes between the operation of the control panel in the manual and what you see on screen.

First, CLOSE HATCH then follow the instructions given by the captain (one mistake and the game will end). After the practice run, the captain wants you to go to his quarters so that both of you can examine what's in the briefcase. So, STAND UP and do what you are told.

In the captain's quarters, the captain gets the briefcase out and asks you for your half of the combination, the same three numbers you are told to memorize in your first briefing in Washington. When the briefcase is open, LOOK CASE to notice an envelope inside. There is also something unusual about the top section, and that is a secret compartment. GET ENVELOPE and OPEN ENVELOPE. READ ORDERS you find inside. EXAMINE CHART to be shown the route that you must follow in the game. While the captain puts the briefcase back where he found it, GET COMBINATION.

Follow the captain out of the room, and go to the electronic map table in the center of the room. LOOK MAP to bring up a close-up view of it, then PLOT COURSE and use the map to help you set the appropriate longitude and latitude for each of the waypoints. Once you have plotted your course, EXIT out of the view.


If you need any assistant with using the electronic map, type LOOK.

The captain will direct you to your next radio contact. Once you sit in front of the controls, follow the captain's instructions again. Eventually, you will receive coded messages that are waiting for you. STAND UP and GET MESSAGES. The radio jockey will give you two sets of radio codes: one from Washington and the other from CIA.


This is the point of the game where you have to rely heavily on the manual. Before you are given the two sets of codes, note down the unit of command. When dealing with the codes from Washington, Replace the first group of 3 letters from the code with the corresponding numbers in the Decoding Book. Those three numbers represent page number, line, and word. Now look at the shaded area in your Technical Manual on the page indicated. Find the line and word. That is your primary word. Repeat for the second 3 groups of letter(s). That is your secondary word.

The process for decoding the CIA message is similar, but you need to note down the offset from the microfilm (specific to the unit of command). When decoding a message from the CIA, add the offset to the number you get from the Decoding Book. Anytime you have a number greater than 10, subtract 10 and the remaining number is the corrected figure that you need.

Once you receive the messages, READ CODE BOOK. Westland turns to the page where the letters A to J are listed and numbers next to them. Use it to convert the alphabets to number. Go to the captain's quarters. OPEN SAFE and punch in the combination the captain used. Once you have the briefcase, OPEN CASE and enter its combination. Once it is opened, INSERT ID into the slot embedded in the top half of the briefcase, and INSERT FILM in the microfilm viewer. Write down the offset codes for the Navy (“N”).

CLOSE CASE when you are done (Westland will automatically retrieve his ID and return the case to the safe). Leave the captain's quarters and enter your own. USE COMPUTER and input the words that you decoded (Remember the instructions above). You have to do this more than once since you had multiple codes to decipher. When you have the decoding right, the first message will tell you to signal your presence to the fisherman. The second message warns you of Russian war ships that are patrolling the Bering Sea.


Try entering the wrong words to receive a humorous response from the computer.

Leave your quarters and go down the stairs to the cafeteria. From there, go left behind the stairs. Climb down the ladder to the bottom and enter the room on the right to get to the torpedo room. The Old Salt is here fixing things up. TALK MAN and he will tell you that there is a problem with the cycling equipment. CYCLE EQUIPMENT to see what is wrong. The conveyor moves to the hydraulic arm where a torpedo is placed on it. The conveyor then moves down to the open torpedo tube where it fails to load the torpedo into the tube.

Go over and EXAMINE BELT to get the sheared cylinder from it. Now, MEASURE BELT and note down the measurements (both length and diameter). MEASURE CYLINDER and note down its diameter as well as the diameter for the cotter pin hole. Go to the cabinet beside the torpedo racks. OPEN CABINET. LOOK CABINET. There are boxes of flares and some explosives inside. TAKE FLARES (x2) and TAKE EXPLOSIVES. Leave the room. CLIMB LADDER back to the area west of the cafeteria, then walk through the door on the left to enter the machine room.

OPEN CABINET beside the entrance, and GET CYLINDER and get the exact same size you were told when you measured it earlier. GET COTTER PIN then walk up to the lathe. USE LATHE then SET LATHE, setting the correct diameter. TURN LATHE ON and the cylinder's diameter will be reduced. After the lathe does its job, GET BIT and select its size. USE DRILL and TURN DRILL ON. USE GRINDER next to the drill to grind off the rough edges off the metal cylinder. That's it, you're done here.

Return to the torpedo room and go to the conveyor. INSTALL CYLINDER and INSTALL COTTER PIN. CYCLE EQUIPMENT and the conveyor successfully loads the torpedo into the tube. You're done in the torpedo room. Go back up to the cafeteria and try to TAKE BOTTLE on the table. Flanagan appears and challenges you to a game of Boss Dice. When he asks you whether you want to play, answer YES.


1. Boss Dice relies on chance, rather than player skill. Refer to Page 30 of the manual for the rules of Boss Dice. After Westland rolls out his dice on the table, you see what he rolls out and three buttons marked C, R, and N. Those stand for Call, Roll, and New Game, respectively. You are trying to win the bottle of rum, all of Flanagan's money, and a magnetic device. Therefore, you need to win the game three times.
2. Unlike other Sierra games where mini-games are involved, you can save and restore your game at your own leisure. In Codename: Iceman, however, there is a limit on how many times you can restore. You can only restore your game twice while playing. Any more, and Flanagan accuses you of being a cheater, and the game is forfeited.
3. If you decide to skip Boss Dice (by answering NO to his question), you can still finish Codename: Iceman, but you won't get as many points for doing this. You can get another bottle at the bottom of the ocean near the caves, and you can do without the magnetic device by swimming through the underwater caves later in the game.

After the dice game, go upstairs where the captain tells you to have a seat. As usual, follow his instructions. Eventually, he will ask you to go topside with him, so STAND UP and follow him out on the bridge. You and the captain look over onto the horizon, where two Russian subs can be seen in the distance. When the captain starts mumbling to himself, TALK CAPTAIN and he will tell you exactly this and that they are heading straight at them. After heading back inside, Westland knocks the captain unconscious and a medic is called.

The captain is taken back to his cabin to recover, leaving you in charge. SIT DOWN at the controls and read the messages telling you what the Tactical Display Keys are. Set the speed to 1/3. On the display, the USS Blackhawk (black) is underneath the Russian warship (red). You have to successfully hit the warship with harpoons four times in order to win the battle. (You know if the warship gets hit if it flashes.)


Some important information regarding the first in a series of battles:

1. Always disable the active sonar, and turn on the silent sonar. If you don't do this, your opponent will find you and launch depth charges.

2. Keep diving while you fight the opponent. The maximum depth is 1000 feet, so don't hit the ground. When you reach the bottom, surface. Repeat this during the battle

3. Do not fire unless the warship fires first.

4. When the warship fire a torpedo at you, launch four harpoons at different intervals.

5. There is a 30% chance that your harpoon will hit the warship. Save the game if the warship has been hit, otherwise restore your game if you miss. again otherwise restore. You will need four harpoons to sink the warship.

6. Because you fire the harpoons at the enemy, it will fire some torpedoes at you. The torpedoes will still be heading for you even when the warship is sunk. When the torpedo is near you, save the game. If it hits, restore otherwise save the game. Repeat this until you have cleared all the torpedoes.

8. If you don't want to save and restore, you can fire decoys. (Do not use your decoys all at once; you will need them for the upcoming battles.)

Once the warship has been destroyed, there will be coded messages waiting for you. STAND UP and GET MESSAGES. Write down the codes from Washington and CIA, then go back to your cabin. There, decode the messages using the code book and the manual, then USE COMPUTER. Enter the two words relating to the Washington codes, then followed by the CIA ones. When decoded correctly, the Washington message will tell you what to do after exiting the water, while the CIA message will tell you about the polar crossing.

Leave the cabin and walk into the captain's. The captain is in bed, not looking that good, while Albert Einstein watches his progress. TALK DOCTOR about his condition. Leave his cabin and SIT DOWN at the controls. You will be notified that there are icebergs in the area, and we need to avoid them. Turn on the display and increase the speed. Change the direction to avoid getting hit by the tornadoes, er... I mean icebergs. After you dodge enough of these, sonar reports a break in the ice. Turn on the active sonar if it isn't turned on already. There seems to be an ice station nearby requesting contact. CONTACT ICE STATION.

After another coded message has been received, STAND UP and GET MESSAGES. You know what to do. After decoding the Washington and CIA codes, the first message tells you to rendezvous with the USS Coontz and listen for erratic sonar. The second message tells you to locate nearest off-shore drilling rig and destroy, but not using the Blackhawk's weaponry.

After getting the messages, leave the cabin and SIT DOWN at the consoles again. Sonar reports inversion layer at 1000 feet, and soon you are pinged by a Russian alpha. Only use stingers against it, and fire them at different intervals while you are heading for the inversion layer (around 1100 ft.) When the alpha fires its torpedoes at you, save and restore until all of them miss. It only takes two stinger shots to bring down the alpha.

When you get near the coast of Portugal, turn on the active sonar (but only ping once). Turn on the display, if it isn't on already. The USS Coontz will soon appear on screen, represented by a cross. The Blackhawk will be below on the left. Move toward the Coontz until you are directly underneath it. You will receive a score based on navigation. The Coontz will now move away, so keep the BlackHawk directly in line with it. The two subs must reach the right side of the screen before you can receive a score based on your performance.


Don't go too far away from the Coontz, otherwise you will lose contact with it and the game ends.

When you arrive off the coast of Tunisia, the captain will speak to you then tell you to come to periscope death (45 degrees), so do that. STAND UP, knowing that you'll never see these controls again. The captain tells you that the gunboat is guarding the coast and instructs you to use the periscope to investigate. So, LOOK PERISCOPE to bring up the view, then move left and right until you see an oil rig and the enemy harbor. Take note of the heading of the enemy harbor and the oil rig.

Press the down arrow to leave the view, then TALK SONAR MAN. GET DISTANCE TO HARBOR and GET DISTANCE TO OIL RIG. Note down the two distances the sonar man gives you. Go downstairs, then walk behind them to get to the ladder room, then walk through the door on the opposite side. GET KEY from Willie Johnson. Now, go back out and CLIMB DOWN the ladder. At the bottom, go left to the storage room and UNLOCK LOCKER on the left using the key. Inside is some scuba equipment which Willie takes to the escape hatch. Go right and CLIMB UP the ladder to the top, then go left (x2), walking through the shielded passageway through the reactor room, to the engine room.

PUSH BUTTON next to the ladder and GET DIVER. TEST DIVER to find out that it is working fine except for a slight vibration. CHECK VIBRATION to see that it is coming from the shaft. MEASURE SHAFT and note down the size of its diameter. RETURN DIVER and go back to the machine room. OPEN CABINET and GET NUT the same diameter as the shaft. GET WASHER as well with the same diameter. Now, return to the engine room.

OPEN DRAWER and GET WRENCH with the same diameter yet again. PUSH BUTTON and PLACE WASHER ON SHAFT. PLACE NUT ON SHAFT and TIGHTEN NUT. TEST DRIVER to find that it is working properly. ENTER COORDINATES and input the two distances and headings. CLIMB LADDER up to the escape hatch.

OPEN DOOR to get to the other side of the room, then GET SCUBA GEAR. Westland will put it on and automatically open the hatch and swim outside to the Mediterranean Sea. Once Westland is away from the Blackhawk, swim until you reach the oil rig, keeping an eye on the coordinates on the diver. When you get there, PLACE EXPLOSIVES and Westland will search for a good place to lay them down and start the timer. Now, swim to the area where there are two large rocks, and four smaller ones below them.

A magnetic field is guarding the area above, and swimming up will get you killed. You will need to USE DEVICE to deactivate the field. Swim up and PLACE BOTTLE IN NET hanging above. The net will go up and disappear. When it comes back down, swim right (x2) to move directly under the pier, and HIDE DIVER behind the rock on the far left.

Swim west (x2) and go up to the surface. After Westland gets out of the water, look around. There is a fisherman near the rocks, and buildings can be seen in the distance. TALK FISHERMAN but he ignores you. Say ICEMAN and he hands you a fish. LOOK LINE then TAKE LINE. You notice a weight attached to the line. LOOK WEIGHT and the game tells you that it is actually a small capsule. LOOK CAPSULE and OPEN CAPSULE to take out a map from inside. EXAMINE MAP and it will show you the directions to your disguise.


The blue squares represent the route you need to take, and there are two buildings where the blue squares end. The left building, with the X inside, means that your disguise is inside the building.


If you spend too much time in this area, or the areas nearby, Westland will be approached by a guard and be arrested. Also, if you take too long in completing this part of the mission, the Ambassador will be moved to another location and the game will end.

Go left behind the rock to the two abandoned buildings. There are two doorways, one of them without a door. Walk through the one with the door and LOOK ROOM. There is an unopened crate in the corner. OPEN CRATE and WEAR CLOTHING. Westland will be disguised as a fisherman, and he can go anywhere he likes. Get out of the building and walk right. Walk behind the rock to arrive in an another area, then walk west to see someone standing next to an oasis.

Say ICEMAN again to attract her attention. The woman is actually Stacy in disguise, and she wishes you luck. TAKE MAP and she gives you a map, her apartment key, and false ID. Examine the map in inventory and follow the route to Stacy's apartment. Enter the apartment and look around. Go to the fridge on the right side of the room and OPEN FRIDGE. LOOK BUTTER DISH. TAKE BUTTER DISH and OPEN BUTTER DISH to reveal a plastic bag with a folded piece of paper inside. OPEN BAG and READ PAPER. A catering business called “Bagdad's Fast Foods” makes twice-daily deliveries to the compound. Note the information concerning the guards.

LOOK ON TOP OF FRIDGE and TAKE TAPE. Now, LOOK COUNTER to see three canisters containing flour, sugar, and coffee. TAKE SUGAR CAN and notice that it is quite heavy. OPEN SUGAR CAN and EMPTY SUGAR CAN. Westland will discover that the can has a false bottom. REMOVE BOTTOM and REMOVE RUBBER underneath. GET WEAPON. LOOK WEAPON to discover that it shoots tranquilizer darts.

Above the phone next to the cabinet is a green business card that has the number of the catering company. TAKE BUSINESS CARD and EXAMINE BUSINESS CARD. Write down the two numbers. USE PHONE and dial the first number to get someone called Basal. TALK BASAL. Next, dial the second number to reach Bagdad's. TALK MAN to place your order. After that, wait until the caterer knocks on the door. OPEN DOOR. When the caterer asks you for $15, USE WEAPON on him, TAKE CLOTHES to wear the caterer's outfit, then TIE MAN UP.

When Stacy enters the room, she will ask Westland of you have the weapon and note. Answer YES. She tells that the Ambassador is about to be moved and instructs you to take the caterer's van and begin the rescue. Leave the apartment, and Westland will automatically drive to the compound where the Ambassador is being held. EXIT VAN and HIDE GUN IN PLATTER. TAKE PLATTER. Walk up to the door and the guards will search you. You are escorted to a room where the Ambassador is tied to a chair and a guard watches over him.

GIVE PLATTER to place it on the table on the right. REMOVE LID and GET GUN. When the guard comes for Westland, quickly FIRE (x2). When both guards are down, UNTIE AMBASSADOR. Tell him to CHANGE CLOTHES and EXIT. When you and the Ambassador leave, the guard outside tries to kill both of you, but Stacy appears and kills the guard. You and Stacy drive off in the van. An arcade sequence follows where you need to reach the chopper at the top. Just make sure you check your mileage when you turn corners, but go at a slightly faster pace so that the terrorists don't catch up to you. You can skip if it is too much for you.

At the top, the chopper escorts you and Stacy to the USS Saratoga where you attend a briefing, and after that, a presentation takes place on board. There, the Rear Admiral congratulates you on a job well done and hands you a set of Gold Dolphins and awards you The Naval Distinguished Service Medal. Oh yeah, Stacy and Westland passionately kiss.

Congratulations! You have completed Codename: Iceman.

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