Codename: Panzers - Phase Two Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Journal entries further the game's narrative.
Mission Briefing
Loading Splash Screen
Spending Prestige Points to build my army.
Attacking the British airport.
The Flak Guns
Enemy bunker destroyed.
German scout plane
German headquarters in the city of Tobruk.
The port is guarded by German troops.
Defend the base at all cost!
Tank rush at night.
Destroying an enemy tank. Nice effects.
Camels pick their way through battle lines.
Game cinematic leading up to a siege.
Medics heal units as fast as they take damage.
Shelling enemy units.
Our bomber is forced to make an emergency landing in the centre of an enemy camp...
Waiting for orders.
Enemy stronghold
Battling with British troops.
Enemy plane
Reloading artillery (see the flying shells).
Repairing a tank (see the flying gears).
Trying to capture some anti-tank weapons.
Incoming heavy artillery fire
Combined infantry and tank attack.
That thing is called "Anzio Annie"
The German Panzerwerfer 42 is devastating, even for tanks.
Preparing an ambush.
Direct hit! But is was just a mortar.
Some heavy metal close combat.
Main menu also features day and night cycles
Campaign selection screen
Keep your supply depots protected at all cost
German and Italian tanks with their commanders and protagonists during German campaign
This group is taking a secret path through the mountain
A good tank defense line without blocking your own shots
Pushing the enemy back and taking their base
Protecting the mountain against the enemy assault
Using Stuka bombers to help your ground troops against an enemy's overwhelming armor numbers
Pushing through the German stronghold
No truck shall pass!
Protecting the US base at night against enemy Tigers
Beach landing