Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 1: The Hangman Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Intro cutscene
Erica isn't waiting for backup
Smartphone interface
Shooting at the lock
Erica doesn't care for consequences when her brother's life is at stake
Erica's premonitions help her track the killer
That shovel was put there for a reason
Toolbox behind the mausoleum could hold some useful things
Cognitive abilities can show you what killer was doing at a selected place

Windows version

Speeding toward the cemetery to thwart the serial killer's plans.
Using your smartphone.
Everything's locked... need to find a way inside the cemetery.
No time to go official, shooting the lock is the only way.
Erica Reed, the protagonist.
Erica has a special cognitive ability to see past events through her visions.
An angel with a shovel... the killer must've put it there, but it's stuck solid.
You can use hint system to highlight all the items on the screen you can interact with.
Taking the shovel embedded in the angel's hand.
Seems like the killer is watching your progress.
Erica is determined to save her brother, no matter the cost.
Shots came from inside, better thread light.
Erica is barely standing due to her injuries she had to endure in order to enter the mausoleum.
Erica's brother is trapped in a strange contraption.
Gotta find a way to set your brother free.
Cutting the wires in the reverse order will require your special ability.
Erica fighting off the serial killer.
Barely escaping your death by setting the killer on fire, but unfortunately, he ran away.
The police arrived at the crime scene, but it might have been a bit too late.
Episode title, after the prologue.
The story continues three years after the prologue, and you were forced to close The Cain Killer case without ever apprehending the killer.
The chief summoned you and your partner at 2 a.m. to a new crime scene.
Getting the basic rundown about the crime committed from the officer on scene.
There's awfully lot of FBI personnel for a simple murder scene... what could be the reason they got us involved in the case?
Examining the crime scene.
Talking to the medic about the cause of death.
Switching to cognitive mode will highlight items that can trigger your visions.
Erica is having trouble with her visions lately.
Your boss is inquiring about the victim and the perpetrator.
Someone is lurking near the crime scene, watching the police and FBI from the shadows.
This antique store is open at pretty weird hours.
Talking to Rose, the antique store owner, at behest of your partner.
FBI lobby on 2nd floor.
Guinevere, the receptionist at the FBI.
Checking the case files at your computer.
Talking to your partner, John.
Due to the budget cut, the forensics team is sharing the residence with the coroner.
In the morgue.
Examining the victim's body.
Map of the city with available locations.
At the cemetery, visiting your brother's grave.
Meeting Cordelia.
Using lockpicks to break into your boss' office.
Looking for clues in your boss' office.
Browsing the inventory.
Erika's new ability lets her project past events.
Searching for clues in the photo.
Empathy ability lets Erica help people remember past events but it requires a physical touch.
Searching the victim's apartment will yield a shocking revelation.