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Cogs Screenshots

iPhone version

Cogs iPhone Title / main menu

Title / main menu

Cogs iPhone Options


Cogs iPhone Instructions


Cogs iPhone Instructions continue

Instructions continue

Cogs iPhone Level 1 - Gears

Level 1 - Gears

Cogs iPhone Gears - game start

Gears - game start

Cogs iPhone Dimensions


Cogs iPhone Dimensions - get power around the cube

Dimensions - get power around the cube

Cogs iPhone Dimensions - last tile slide

Dimensions - last tile slide

Cogs iPhone Dimensions - animation

Dimensions - animation

Cogs iPhone Success stats

Success stats

Cogs iPhone Pipes - start

Pipes - start

Cogs iPhone Single Chime - start

Single Chime - start

Cogs iPhone Jack-in-the-Box - get power to crank

Jack-in-the-Box - get power to crank

Cogs iPhone Jack-in-the-Box - success

Jack-in-the-Box - success

Cogs iPhone Balloon - last move

Balloon - last move

Cogs iPhone Trike - harder

Trike - harder

Cogs iPhone Trike - driving away

Trike - driving away

Cogs Screenshots

Windows version

Cogs Windows Main menu

Main menu

Cogs Windows Instructions


Cogs Windows More details

More details

Cogs Windows First puzzle

First puzzle

Cogs Windows Top angle

Top angle

Cogs Windows Bottom angle

Bottom angle

Cogs Windows First puzzle solved.

First puzzle solved.

Cogs Windows Puzzle statistics

Puzzle statistics

Cogs Windows Bell puzzle

Bell puzzle

Cogs Windows Bell puzzle complete

Bell puzzle complete

Cogs Windows Pipe puzzle

Pipe puzzle

Cogs Windows Pipeline complete

Pipeline complete

Cogs Windows A true 3D puzzle

A true 3D puzzle

Cogs Windows Box puzzle complete

Box puzzle complete

Cogs Windows Ringing two bells.

Ringing two bells.

Cogs Windows Puzzle selection

Puzzle selection