Coil Cop Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
This is where you get from area to area
Starting location for this area
Sliding down a slide
On a conveyor belt
Top floor, please.
Passing through a pipe

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen (US release)
Title screen (US release)
Title screen (UK release)
The corridors to get from area to area.
Searching one of many screens.
Question marks sometimes turn into bonuses when you hit them.
Between a rock and a hard place?
Looks like I found something!
This area looks dangerous...
Those moving dots act as a conveyor of sorts.
Lots of bonus potential here
A dead end?
Game over

MSX version

Title and loading screen
Entering through pipes.
Starting the first level.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Credits about to roll
The initial pathfinding screen
On a slide
Conveyor belt motion
Being sucked up
Another level
Entering the pipe
Being sucked through