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TeleMatch (Mar, 1984)
Der Sieger nach Punkten oder durch K.O. reißt schließlich jubelnd die Arme empor. Ein neuer Kampf kann beginnen, denn allzu lange wird man dieses Spiel nicht weit weg vom Cassettenschacht der Konsole aufbewahren.
Rocky only LOOKS like a boxing game. It's really only an excuse to show off Coleco's acumen with graphics. This is a case of Coleco compromising the gameplay for something that would look great in ads and in the stores. But then again, the same could be said for many games in the ColecoVision library. Shame on you, Coleco.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 30, 2000)
Here's a Coleco sports game with terrific graphics and horrendous gameplay. Based on the third film, this game pits Rocky Balboa against Mr. T. The graphics are stunning (for 1983, of course), with large, detailed boxers and even a functional referee. Using the Super Action Controllers, you can move your boxer around, punch high or low, block, and duck. Unfortunately, the unresponsive control and slow movement rules out any strategy, and the game usually degrades into a button-mashing contest. Rocky seems to have a very unfair advantage over Mr. T, and the knockdowns rarely correlate to your score. Sorry, but good graphics can't save a bad game.