CheatcodesContributed by Sciere (505777) on Oct 28, 2003.

All cheats are activated through entering any of the codes below as your driver's name. If entered correctly, the screen simply refreshes instead of continuing.

ALLWHEELS: get a super 4WD steer
ALIENGOO: jelly-suspension mode
BACKAGAIN: reverse the tracks
BEEFCAKE: race a Toyota Celica GT4
BORROWERS: drive tiny cars
BIGGUNS: double power
CHOIRBOY: give your co-driver a high-pitched voice
DARKSIDE: mirror the course
DELOREAN: hovercraft mode
FREEWAY: unlock all tracks
GIANTLEAP: low gravity
HIPPO: drive a concept car
INTHECLOUDS: unlock the first hidden track
LOTTOWIN: access the bonus cars
ONTHEWALL: mirror the tracks
PASSEDOUT: let Nicky Grist, your co-driver, drive
PRESSFAST: tap the keys to accelerate
QUARRYVILLE: unlock the second hidden track
ROCKETMAN: get a turbo boost of speed
SPECIALED: custom replay mode
TROLLEYPARK: unlock the third hidden track
TURNBACK: change the car's handling
WHITEOUT: create a fog that reduces visibility
WILDAYWORLD: unlock the fourth hidden track

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