The Colonel's Bequest

The Colonel's Bequest Screenshots

Amiga version

The copy protection screen.
The game gives you the option of skipping the intro if you've played the game before.
Intro: Colonel writes his will.
Intro: The cast of characters.
Intro: Laura's friend invites her to the Colonel's estate.
Intro: Going to the Colonel's estate.
Intro: Arriving at the dock.
Intro: The Colonel's estate.
Intro: Dinner.
Intro: The Colonel.
I have a notebook.
In Ethel's room.
Upstair's hallway.
The bathroom.
A secret passage.
Upstairs. Be careful around that railing, it's broken.
I fell and died.

The Colonel's Bequest Screenshots

Atari ST version

The Colonel's Bequest
The cast of the game appears on stage.
A nice sunny peaceful day for our hero, but things are about to change...
Coming to the mansion in the intro.
"Ah! Another visitor! Stay awhile... Stay forever!"
Dinner begins.
The man himself.
Act 1 begins.
Larua talks to Ethel.
The bathroom.
The Colonel's room.
Dr. Feel's room.
A secret passageway.
Spying on the Colonel and Fifi.
Upstairs hall.
Fifi's room.
Suit of armor.
Billards room.
Downstairs hallway.
The butler serves a guest.
Fifi dusting in the study.
Venturing outside.
A statue of the Colonel in his war years.
The well is nearby.
Looking down the well.
Laura tries to play the Crocodile Hunter and fails. Oh, Crikey!
Estate gates.
The barn.
In the barn.
The garden is nearby.
In the garden.
Inside the chapel.
Graveyard - spooky!
Outside the mansion.
Entrance to a hedge garden.

The Colonel's Bequest Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
What a cool copy protection - compare fingerprints of suspects in your manual and identify the one the game shows you!
Introducing the cast
The intro sequence continues
Jeeves, the creepy butler
Getting settled in...
A nice view of the house
Exploring the grounds
The upstairs hallway
This doesn't look good...
Who could this be?
Oh no!
There are several secret passages in the game! You've discovered one of them. This shot also shows how the game reacts to words it doesn't understand...
Hint: Showers are dangerous! At least certain movies tell us so...
The attic. Note the cool lightning effects
Following a suspect
Every character has a detailed description. Yes, they are one-dimensional, but that's what Agatha Christie tribute is all about!
Uh-oh, looks like we've wandered off into some dangerous territory... The game can get quite scary
I wonder what could be down here?
The game proudly tells you about itself. Those were the days when games tried out unique concepts more often...
The clock advances when you trigger it by performing certain actions - as shown here. The game is not real time, but it creates a good illusion of that
A bell!Should you ring it?..
The play house. Hmm, looks like it's locked - how can I enter it?..
Spying on Henri and Fifi...
The carriage house
Inside the carriage house you find... a carriage. Right. What did you expect, then?..
The chapel
Inside the chapel. It looks sad...
Characters move around and do stuff on their own all the time. Here, you see a servant catering to an old rich guy in the library
Applying some oil to a rusty suit of armor
In the kitchen with Lillian and Celie
Even the dog gets first class treatment around here
Laura visits a seemingly abandoned room. Opening the actions menu - there are several convenient shortcuts
A beautiful view of the garden. I typed "look statue" and that's the description I got
There are quite a few ways to die in this game, of course. Here, Laura accidentally falls into the water...
The barn
A well
A good view of the mansion
Laura Bow - Tomb Raider!
The Colonel's bedroom (EGA / TANDY)
Billiards Room (EGA / TANDY)
Downstairs hallway (EGA / TANDY)
Front porch (EGA / TANDY)
Near the swamp (EGA / TANDY)
Path (EGA / TANDY)
Trophy and gun room (EGA / TANDY)
Fifi's room (EGA / TANDY)
Outside hedge garden (EGA / TANDY)
The bathroom (EGA / TANDY)
Outside of the house (CGA, higher resolution, but only two colors). The game will sometimes make such comments on its own