Colorful Aquarium: My Little Mermaid Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu.
Game options.
Izumi coming to wake you up.
You often seem to make Izumi cry or angry.
In-game menu.
This game features emotion graphics which appears next to the character for a brief moment.
Time to leave for school.
It is too nice of a day to spend it at school.
Bumping into a girl in maid uniform.
Izumi is complaining to your friend about you.
School classes in progress.
I guess appearances can be deceiving.
You don't understand why an unknown girl is calling you Kazu-chan like you're an old friends.
Of course it is hard to recognize a familiar face all of a sudden, especially when a child turns into a woman.
Izumi doesn't feel well whenever she talks to you.
Opening movie.
Main title.
Introducing characters.