Comanche 3 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Scene from the intro movie
Taking off from the FARP
Thick dogfight with my wingman and enemy Havoc after failing my escort
Title screen
comanche at twilight with weapon bays open
Main menu
Pilot roster
Cockpit view
External view
Target destroyed
The Comanche at afternoon
Enemy tank [ Target view ]
Together with our wingman we're going to destroy an enemy convoy
Mission accomplished
Campaign completed
Using the MFD display during a night mission
The mission briefing
Playing the game in 320x240 VGA mode.
Even at low resolutions the graphics look great.
Flying against the sunset underlines the lovely graphics
Night flying is one of the staples of the Comanche series
Using the canyons to hide is a basic strategy
An alternative view of the desert landscape