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DOSPower Unlimited (May, 1994)
CD-ROM re-issue van de tien extra missies voor de wereldberoemde helicoptersim, aangevuld met 70 gloednieuwe. De bediening is verbeterd en de landschappen zijn mooi, maar de missies zijn eenvormig en je hebt een snelle PC nodig.
DOSMikroBitti (Jun, 1994)
Pulmana Comanchessa on sisällön puute. Pelaaja lentelee kanjoneissa kovasti räiskien. Muuta? Nah, kuka muuta kaipaa. Realismille on annettu kenkää, samaten monipuolisuudelle. Räiskintäpelinä tämä kuitenkin on mainio. Thrustmasterilla varustautuneena kuulokkeet korville, ja ampumaan. Elämys on rankka ja maastossa pujotteleminen omaa luokkaansa. Puuhaan kuitenkin toivoisi todellista syvyyttä ja -GOSH!- kaksinpeliä linkillä!
MacintoshJoystick (French) (Feb, 1996)
A condition d'avoir une machine très puissante ou à défaut d'être très patient, Comanche, avec ses 100 missions, devrait satisfaire les amateurs de simulation d'hélicoptère.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Jul 26, 1996)
Once Comanche was running, it was a joy to play. Although most Mac gamers will not be terribly satisfied with the graphic resolution and small screen (for non-PowerMac owners), they will be impressed with its new type of graphic engine (Voxel Space) that offers smooth animation and nice 3-D modeling, including unique effects not seen in polygon-based games like Marathon. Comanche requires Quicktime 2.0+ and QT Musical Instruments, both of which were not included with the game. With 100 missions, easy-to-learn flight controls, and very clean animation sequences, this helicopter arcade/flight sim represents a new, successful type of gaming for the Macintosh.
Edge and CCD are the most well-rounded CMO-based products to date. These commendable efforts may also be Novalogic's last Comanche Maximum Overkill releases. While neither title provides a complete gameplay overhaul, few fans of the original CMO will be able to resist the extra action these products offer. A few of the new missions might be too much for some gamers, but most sim fans are going to find that Over the Edge and Comanche CD will definitely be turning up the heat during the long, cold winter!