The Combatribes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select player.
Act 1.
Picked up the bike.
Got someone.
Low punch.
Smashing heads together
Punched him.
The boss has arrived.
Avoid the plank.
Act 2.
God punch.
Floating clowns.

SNES version

The story in a nutshell.
Title screen.
Bullova (featured here) is the strongest character, but also the slowest.
Dramatic level introductions - go!
All characters share the same moves, but with their own particular style.
Nothing like beating up bikers to clear out the stress.
Is it a double noogie? Nope, it's a double headbutt.
Talk to the hand 'cause I don't want to hear it!
Bullova stomps on a fallen enemy. No plumbers were involved in this incident.
I just beat up his entire gang and he asks me what I'm doing. A wiseguy, eh?
The game features a 2P Versus Mode. You can unlock more characters as you advance through the game.
There's three different stages, each one with its own special hazards.
After you beat a boss, the story advances a bit.
The Japanese cutscenes are a bit more graphic.