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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
A guy who draws sketches.
An accident happens.
And one of his sketches comes alive.
Episode 1
You get thrown inside a comic book.
A woman introduces herself and tells you about a critical mission but forgets to mention the details.
Looks like the only choice is fighting.
Thought I was done here but he draws another one.
Trying to break the barrels.
Jumping to the next page.
I bet you do.
I'm getting the hang of it.
Like I didn't have much trouble beating one.
Using a bomb.
An air kick
Stage results
Why can't I open it?
Take this uppercut.
Low kicking some weird creature.
Using the rat to find hidden things.
More fighting.
If you die inside the comic this guy becomes real.

Genesis version

Title screen
Episode 1
Easy, easy!
Starting the game
Liberty statue and mutants. Look at the hand that is drawing the picture: is it cool or what?!
Often you have a choice of where to go next
The interactivity level in this game is very high for a platformer
Ruins of a city
Hanging on the railing and battling nasty things
Aha, a switch... and a crate!
Your score after having completed an episode
What is this animal in the cage?
Crossing a bridge
Fighting strange things in a strange room
Those fans should better be destroyed
Creepy things coming out of nowhere

Windows version

Hand drawn logo screen
Intro "page"
Title screen
Episode 1 intro screen
Turner falls into the comics.
Picking items.
An enemy being drawn.
Turner has to decide if he continues to the right frame or the lower frame.
Turner finds Roadkill, his rat.
Turner can use Roadkill to find secret items.
At least Turner still has a sense of humor.
You literally can "see" the sound effects.
Using dynamite to open way to a new frame.
Throwing an enemy ends up destroying the frames' division.
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