Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath Screenshots

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Windows version

Mission list
Mission briefing
Crowd control
these chrono-tanks can shift on any location once they're loaded with enough energy
Civilians are always in panic
Who need troops with Tanya around
Right on time
Mission FMVs are reused from the base game
Field mechanic in one of the most useful units this expansion pack gives you
Production bar shows enough soviet power to be affraid
A M.A.D. tank, temporarily protected by the iron curtain shield, entering a base
M.A.D. tank explodes after starting self-destruct procedure!!
Enemy infantry electrocuted by a tesla coil
New soviet missile subs attacking a gap generator responsible for the black shroud surrounding my units
Setting up a skirmish against 3 A.I. players. Aftermath ads a lot of new multiplayer maps including some very large ones (for 8 players)
Two tesla tanks under fire from a longbow chopper
Clearing the last allied tank from the map will naturally yield success
This chronosphere is a bit more special than the usual one
Chasing an APV inside the building
Helicopters are strong and useful units but also very vulnerable to any AA fire
Demolition trucks are literally mini-nukes
A fairly well defended Soviet base
New chrono tanks attacking Soviet battle tank
Using a nuke to take out nuclear silos
Not all missions come with a base
With all the soviet forces around, you never know who's who
Chrono-tank guarding camouflaged nuclear silo
Tesla tank is efficient weapon on soviet side, only with lousy armour