Command & Conquer: Red Alert Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
DOS has rather limited options
In-game options, Allied colored scheme
On a mission to rescue professor Einstein
Tanya in action
Field medic
Mission accomplished
Supreme commander of Allies. Notice that FMVs under DOS do not use interlaced graphic.
Soviet YAK fighters clearing enemy lines a bit.
Paratroopers, sometimes the only way to outflank the enemy.
Allied battlecruisers giving some artillery support.
Map of Europe.
FMV of bridge that is about to be destroyed.

PlayStation version

The opening cinematic showing Albert Einstein preparing his time machine...
And using it...
... To go back in time to and (succesfuly) assasinate Adolf Hitler before he rose to power...
... But this created a new enemy.
The C&C Red Alert logo during the cinematic.
Title screen.
The main menu.
Like with all Command and Conquers, you will need money to build your army, with is obtained by collecting ore through the use of these harvesters.
The blacked out areas of the map is knon as the Fog of War, and will peel away as you explore the map.
The options you are presented with when setting up a multiplayer game.
Allied HQ
Introducing Tanya
Battle map
Tanya about to blow up enemy power plant in the first Allied mission
Destroying Soviet tech center
Cruiser support
Soviet disc startup

Windows version

Main title
Main menu
Allied generals
Nadia is one of the officers on the Soviet side
In-game menu
First allied mission requires of you to rescue professor Einstein
Chasing a spy
Mission statistics
Low on power
Assault on London... kinda empty looking London
World map
Rescuing Tanya
Laying mines
In the nick of time
Posting barracks
Saving the doomed
Nuclear reactor
Soviet Yak fighters and planes that drop parabombs attacking the chronosphere & two gap generators
Using a Medic to heal Tanya
Transports unloading a bunch of medium tanks for an old-fashioned tank rush
Without any attack dogs in sight, the spy can enter the soviet base undetected and gather information by infiltrating buildings
With the engineer you can take over damaged enemy buildings. Then you can produce their type of units
Allied gunboats vs. soviet submarines
Rocket launchers firing long-range V2 missiles at a radar dome
Where Soviet Mammoth tanks pass through, nothing stays alive.
Nice way to start a mission is by overtaking the enemy base.
Staling's plan for Europe
Scattered pillboxes around the base will deal with enemy paratroopers
Allied destroyers attacking Soviet sub pen
Island warfare will require different plan of attack... and defense
Protect engineers at all cost
Entering Moscow with a style
Allied soldiers searching for survivors
Feeling superior on your first Soviet mission with full dominance in the air
Commander Kukov won't be holding his nose so high for too long
Taking down the bridges to limit the area from where the enemy can attack you
This is how most of the missions start... with MCV and a small escort
Escorting the supply trucks
Nadia's aiming for promotion
When low on cash, sell your structures
Double power-plant, just before the carpet bombing
Mig-29 destroying an allied tank... probably the best FMV in the game
Einstein taking Hitler out of the equation
Using fuel barrels to take out enemy infantry pursuing you
Allied ship on a horizon
Allied cruiser destroyed
Silent hunter
Air attack
Questioning captured enemy general
Plan of attack on Moscow, Stalin's last stand