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Steam Store Description:
    Eat your veggies!

    The lost episode of PC platforming legend Commander Keen hits Steam with this updated version for modern systems.

    Billy Blaze, eight-year old genius, has just returned home after saving Earth from the Vorticons only to be confronted with a dinner made up of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and mashed potato. Having chosen to eat ice-cream instead, he finds himself besieged that night by horrible dreams full of living vegetables. The evil King Boobus Tuber has been trapping kids in the nightmarish land of Tuberia, where Tater Troopers patrol and Tomateeth are on the prowl. Trapped in his pijamas — with neither his Vorticon hyperpistol nor trusty pogo-stick for company — Commander Keen must destroy the Dream Machine and return the "sweet" to "sweet dreams".

    This updated version includes:
    • Fullscreen and Windowed modes
    • Both the EGA and CGA graphics from the original game
    • Steam Achievements
    • Score and Time-trial leaderboards
    • Cloud saves

    Now go get 'em, Commander Keen!

    Contributed by Foxhack (14584) on Jul 19, 2017.

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    Commander Keen Is Up To His "Ears" in Vegetable Combat!

    Commander Keen returns to your computer screen with a whole new adventure. Trapped in the land of Tuberia, where giant vegetables rule the day, the occasionally fearless Keen must fight his way across a dangerous (though nourishing) landscape. Along the way, vicious broccoli beasts, savage asparagus warriors, and a bushel of other leafy green nasties confront and challenge your progress —all commanded by King Boabus Tuber, the fiercest spud of all!

    Talk about a food fight! Can you survive the perils of Kumquat Chasm and the Melon Mines on your way to the final epic battle that awaits you at the forbidding Castle Tuberia? Your strategy and quick reflexes mean the difference between victory and a one way trip to the great salad bar in the sky!

    A stirring soundtrack (AdLib™ and Sound Blaster™ compatible), dazzling full color graphics, and plenty of arcade excitement make this a three course meal of a game. Oh, and don't forget to finish your veggies—before they finish you!

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (17560) on Jun 30, 2009.

id Software website:
    Trapped in a land where giant vegetables rule the day, you must fight your way through an army of vicious broccoli beasts, savage asparagus warriors and a bushel of other leafy green nasties before battling the fiercest spud of all, King Boobus Tuber. Unless you want a one way trip to the salad bar in the sky, you'll have to finish all your veggies. Before they finish you!

    Contributed by Xoleras (65876) on Jun 15, 2004.