Commander Keen: Keen Dreams Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen.
Keen collects some delicious cookies.
Looks like a Tater Trooper is about to be transformed!
See Keen. See Keen run. See Keen leap over flames in search of a bonus.
"Hello, world!"
A Tater Trooper recovers from a temporary transformation.

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA)
Main Menu (EGA)
Keen Dreams screenshot (EGA)
Keen Dreams screenshot (EGA)
Unlike other keen games, this one is nonviolent. (EGA)
world map (EGA)
Keen in his bunny slippers hopping around the first level of Tuberia (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Main Menu (CGA)
World Map (CGA)
Somewhere in the first level (CGA)