Computer Football Strategy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Select teams and number of players
Opening kick return stats
Defensive formation selection play code lower left 34 = 3-4 defense
Defensive formation selection play code lower left LP = Pass shift left
After play selection animation shows results from profile
Setup for punt
Returning kick/punt
Sack QB
Blitz setup a fumble in back field
Fumble status defense recovers

Commodore 64 version

Select * for single player vs computer
Coin toss
Cowboys kick-off
Driving computer back deep
Computer punts
Computer gets a safety
From 21 computer field goal is good
Returned kick
Defense at goal line
Ball turned over on downs at 50 yard line
1st quarter stats

TRS-80 version

Select teams
Coin toss results
Game play start - kick-off selection normal or on side
Animated kick down field dash line with run back solid line
1st down defense selection
2nd player selects offense
Play result with animated field lines
Fumble Cowboys recover
Passing down with forward pass showing dashed line
Touchdown Cowboys
Extra point - good!