Tips from Game ManualContributed by KnockStump (1007) on Mar 20, 2008.

- Use level I to see how Conan can jump and run at different speeds.
- In some levels you will not be able to make it across certain gaps by jumping only. You may need to run.
- Some levels contain green teleporters that you must use to get to upper or lower ledges.
- One level contains a giant bubble you will need to jump into and ride to continue your journey.
- Sometimes you can carry a gem with you from one level to another.
- In level 6 you will need to destroy the Van de Graaff machine with the giant chandelier. Also, there is a set of moving plates which, when aligned, will release a violent electrical charge. The lower plate is deadly to the spark creatures, but not deadly to you. You can ride the lower plate and be protected from the spark creatures.
- In level 7 some stars, when struck by your sword will turn into gems. If you need extra swords, you can get them in level 6. The red arrow on the vertical shaft along the right side of the screen can be activated to catapult you back up to the ledge above. The blue section of the ledge is important in completing this action.

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