Confidential Mission Screenshots

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Dreamcast version

Opening Movie
Opening Movie
Opening Movie
How to Play
Main Menu for a New Game
Agent Academy
Timing Training
Combo Shot Training
Just Shot Training Instructions
Just Shot Training
Just Shot Training Failed
Timing Training
Who's The Enemy Training
Getting Shot in Mission 1
The Ugliest Human Villain in Gaming History
Shoot Gas Vents with Adhesive Bullet
Screen Stays Warbly & Green if you Don't Stop the Gas
Special Weapons Show Up for One Shot Mini-Games. Landing the shot or failing determines your route in the stage.
Rope Launcher Shot a Success
Mission 1 Boss
Mission 2
Mission 2 Intro
You shoot people riding snowmobiles from the top of a train!
Save the girl in-stage mini-game
Mission 2 Boss Missiles are very fast
Snowmobiles being dropped from a helicopter
You fight a helicopter & a this tank as bosses here. Check out that rad beard!
Mission 2 Complete Screen
Sewer Shark Tribute?
End Boss has an invisibility suit
End Boss Close up
Setting up for the final shot of the game
Part of the bad ending
Display Off Mode
Another World Mode where enemies are in different location and around different corners
Another place in Another World Mode that you don't see in Mission Mode
Main Menu After Unlocking Everything
Partner Mode requires you to both stay alive. If 1 dies the game ends for both.
Agent Academy Simulation
Mission Select Screen