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Conflict: Desert Storm

Conflict: Desert Storm Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
Apparently, all military training these days is conducted by a man barking orders from a tower.
You can choose Delta Force or S.A.S. uniforms and accents for your squad.
Mission briefings include rough maps and your objectives.
Advancing on an Iraqi outpost.
Sandstorms severely limit visibility.
"Aim mode" switches your view to first person for precise targeting.
Supporting fire from your squad makes it much easier to advance on the enemy.
Sneaking around in an armored vehicle is difficult, even at night.
Jones, the demolitions expert, planting a block of C4.
Foley is the team sniper which means being in a distant camp...
... really doesn't offer any safety.
The explosion of an ex-tank, courtesy of a captured RPG-7.
Using night vision will give you a headache, just like in the real world.
Aiming a LAW at the exposed rear of an Iraqi tank.
Following each mission, your soldiers gain experience and awards.
Desert Storm can get pretty intense especially in vehicles...
It can also get pretty gory.