Advertising Blurbs

RealArcade product page:
    While researching his illustrious genealogy, Bongo, a famous archaeologist ape, discovers that his ancestor, Bongohotep, possessed a great treasure. Bongo, prodigious primate that he is, resolves to recover his forefather’s lost loot. Unfortunately, Bongo’s nemesis, Bad Baboon, is also after the treasure and is trying to throw our primate protagonist off course by hurling giant cube-shaped idols and fruit in his way. Who throws a cube? Honestly! Remembering his mother’s advice, If life throws you lemons, make lemonade, Bongo decides to turn these cubes into cold, hard cash by grouping them with two or more cubes of the same type....

    Contributed by John Romero (1455) on Mar 31, 2006.