Conker's Pocket Tales Credits (Game Boy Color)

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Conker's Pocket Tales Credits

GBC Development

Lead ProgrammerRichard Brough
DesignGary Richards, Gareth Jones
GraphicsKeri Gunn
Subgame ProgrammerTrevor Attwood
MusicEveline Novakovic
SoundEveline Novakovic
Original ScoreRobin Beanland
Head Tester, Rare UKHuw Ward
Testers, Rare UKAdam Munton, David Wong, Luke Munton, Gary Phelps, D. Mandeville, John Silke, Gareth Stevenson

NOA Staff

Project CoordinatorArmond Williams Jr.
TestersMichael Kelbaugh, Nicko Gonzalez, Jim Holdeman, Randy Shoemake, Eric M. Bush, Jeffrey Kalles, Brent Clearman
NOA Special ThanksMinoru Arakawa, Mike Fukuda, Howard Lincoln, Ken Lobb, Gail Tilden
Rare Miami Special Thanks Joel Hochberg, Eileen Hochberg
Special ThanksSimon Farmer, Chris Stamper, Tim Stamper
Produced byRare
Presented byNintendo

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