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Acorn 32-bitACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Conqueror is going to mesmerise some and bore the pants off others. If you don't like complex gameplay, are soared off by tricky controls and (most important of all) don't have a 1Mb Archimedes - forget it.
Acorn 32-bitACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
[Retest] Does look a little limited compared to the later Carrier Command.
Acorn 32-bitThe Games Machine (UK)
With more depth than Superior's previous Archimedes game, Conqueror is a change towards the more strategic style of game and as such is a change for the better - a product that is addictive and challenging in both the arcade and strategy sense of the word.
Atari STPower Play
Was ist das: Es hat 3D-Grafik, gab's bisher nur für den Archimedes-Computer, hat eine frustrierende Steuerung und macht trotzdem Spaß? Falsch - es ist nicht "Virus", sondern das Nachfolge-Programm namens "Conqueror", das endlich auch für andere Computer-Systeme erschienen ist.