Conquest of Elysium 3

Conquest of Elysium 3 Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Creating a random map. The society will greatly affect the type and spread of various locations in the game.
There are up to 18 various factions and races in this game. Each with their own unique units, resources, abilities and spells.
Map screen. The demonologst hero is eying a gold mine guarded by trolls and goblins.
There is no minimap. Instead you can zoom out as far as you like and have a bird's view of your surroundings.
A voice of El army encounters a beholder, one of the most powerful creatures in the game, and its minions.
Demons fighting a pack of wolves led by a dire wolf. There is no tactical combat in this game - instead all units attack randomly.
Random events are an important part of the game. Here a voice of El player must deal with the consequences of their faith.
There are over 300+ units in this game. A detailed info screen tells which spells, abilities and stats a unit has. Even more info is available for each such quality.
Some units are entirely unique and belong to no faction.
Most units can be equipped with items to further strengthen them.
Each faction uses its own resources, from gold, iron and gems to human sacrifices and glory hands.
Each faction also has its own unique abilities. A warlock can summon elements by using proper gems. In the background you can see it's winter and the map is covered with snow.
To win the game you must conquer all citadels or defeat all commanders belonging to your opponents.
A map editor is included in the game.