Conquest of Elysium II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Choosing game settings.
About a third of the possible character options.
Game map. Sword icons indicate my armies and shield icons show which locations I've captured.
Draconian army fighting an adventuring party consisting of a wizard, a dwarf, an elf, two heroes and four hobbits (one invisible and the other is currently on fire).
The senator has assembled quite a force in his outpost.
Elven armies use wolves as front-line troops.
Basic recruitment screen. From time to time rare units or heroes will offer to be hired.
One of your enemies has died!
Random events occasionally occur.
A character sheet for one of your units. Equipped items and abilities are displayed below the stats.
Took this off some dead hobbit.
Almost all main characters have some sort of special ability. Dragon Lords can summon dragons to guard gold mines.
You can reduce your income and sacrifice collection to placate the peasants to prevent revolts, or you can bleed them dry. Literally.